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 Memories- TTA

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Aeri Tyaelaria

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PostSubject: Re: Memories- TTA   Sat Jun 25, 2011 5:00 pm

Zander wrote:
Aeri Tyaelaria wrote:
ChaosGamma wrote:
I think the main reason for saying Tim can't be totheark is because of Entry #39 and the 'Forecast' video. Most of us (I think, or at least me) have assumed that totheark was the person who walked by Jay's car, and since it says that was only about a week after Tim got his leg broken, it's very unlikely that that could have been Tim.

As for the you last comment, perhaps Jay wasn't really important or they just didn't care about him until he started uploading the footage and so drew attention to himself. One theory I've come up with is that it might have been Jay's meeting with Tim that drew actually got him into this. As far as we know, nothing was actually happening to Jay before his interview with Tim, it was all after that when he was tipped off about the house and attacked by Masky, so it seems to me that it would make sense somehow.

But we know Masky is still around NOW. So it's a more possible theory that theres a group of them.
... Uh, what. A group of Maskies or TTA being a group?

And Gamma, you could be onto something there. The MH tapes were filmed a few years before Jay decided to look through them, so the incidents in the tapes were long over with. So from Tim/Masky's viewpoint, no one remembered/knew what happened and the matter was settled. Then Jay comes along asking questions, and now that someone's trying to figure out what exactly happened.

Which would lead him to act as Masky to either keep Jay from diving in deeper and keep him safe(And if Masky = TTA, I'd give a guess that naming the channel ToTheArk was to cryptically lead Jay to some form of safe haven from the "storm"?), or to help The Operator in some way(If Masky =/= TTA, then he would be trying to lure Jay in deeper, giving him hints to go places and find things) for whatever motives?

I think I'm done with speculation for a bit. I want more reveals.

I imagined a flock of Maskys in a field to that quote.

No I mean TTA being a group of proxies rather than just being Tim. Given the points people have said before me (laziness ftw)

Also I just spotted this on youtube in the 'Indicator' TTA video:

00010010 backwards= h

10100110 backwards= e

00110110 backwards= l

10010110 backwards= i

01100101 forward= e

11001110 backward= s

Helies= He Lies

He lies?
Refering to ALEX maybe?
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PostSubject: Re: Memories- TTA   Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:17 pm

Tim didn't make an appearance until Jay started investigating personally, so knowing that Jay was posting videos and Masky's appearance may not be connected events, either. Masky only made his intro after Jay searched Alex's digs the first time.
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PostSubject: Re: Memories- TTA   Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:15 am

Alright, so I think I just came up with something that could allow for Tim to still be TTA (by my previous theory, uh... one of them, hold on).

So it could be that it was not the interview which Tim found out what was going on, but that he found the videos online. It might've taken a while for him to stumble upon them though, hence not appearing until Entry 9. At that point Jay was simply uploading footage, not doing anything to actually get involved/re-involved(is that word?) in all of this, so Tim/TTA just started putting up the videos to try and scare Jay. When he actually started looking into things himself, that's when he went all 'Masky tackle fucking everything RAR' on him.

Hmm, I don't know, that made more sense in my head. I still think that TTA is likely more than one person though... but I guess that could still work. Whoever TTA is didn't personally go after Jay until after the interview. Hell, Tim might not have even been with TTA before and they just used him since he'd already been in contact with Jay.

I'm not sure how much sense any of that made, it's kind of late, I shouldn't be thinking so hard right now. I may revise that when I'm a little more coherent.
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PostSubject: Re: Memories- TTA   Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:30 am

Wow, I missed a lot on my short little hiatus from the forum. But I have to say that the change TTA has made in his video's is a little jarring. He's a lot more direct. Why do you think this is? The only two reasons I can think of is that either TTA is trying to get his messages through Jay's thick skull or the MH makers are running out of ways to be creepily indirect. I hope it's more along the lines of the former.
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PostSubject: Re: Memories- TTA   

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Memories- TTA
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