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 Meeting The Proxies

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PostSubject: Meeting The Proxies   Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:48 pm

Yup. So, here's my character:
Harlee Roberts
12 years old
likes horror, can be suicidal, loves to read, draw, and sing, very smart, likes stuffed animals, doesn't fit in well with others, very friendly, cheerful and happy, likes the idea of peace, loves wolves and cats,
That's her basic profile. I don't know how the RP would end, with her being turned into proxy or whatever. Not sure. Just tell me if you want to be Masky and/or Hoody.
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting The Proxies   Fri Mar 16, 2012 1:50 pm

Annabellum Sainclaire

21 Years Old


Short-time friend of Harlee's... Living within a distance of 785 miles... Keeping their gap between the two of them by justifying their opinions of who they've been brainwashed by through a complicated system of videos, short stories and poems over an Internet blog called, "The Snare." Oddly enough, they've discussed and share a majority of their interests with each other. Although Harlee might not seem effected by Annabellum's pressure of seeking answers, persistance and continuum beg to strike at both their anxiety and paranoia...

P.S.: "I'm writing this only as a suggestion for now. As for creating characters as proxies and whatnot, this'll just be backdrop for everything future-wise... As for me, I'd prefer to act as the hooded character, partially affected by Rake's torment, but hardly enough to keep her from being stable to the point she can actually type over the webpage."
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Meeting The Proxies
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