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 Fixing BenTheDreamCatcher (Spoilers)

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PostSubject: Fixing BenTheDreamCatcher (Spoilers)   Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:58 pm

My personal video series, benthedreamcatcher, is terrible. It is mostly hindered by my awful acting skills and ability to only implant the legit Slender Man in a single night scene. Most of it is just a psych analysis of Ben, but when you get down to it, Ben is not an interesting character. The entire series disgusted me so I ended the current plot and killed Ben.

I regret doing so. In a very unorthodox way, I brought him to life - as a proxy. Now I am going to fix the series. There are going to be moments of Ben trying to free himself from the proxy and it will end in his success (which kills him because his body is dead). In the meantime before this ending, the proxy (Number Five) is going to record his activities and post as Ben would. I don't have reasoning yet for why he would record it, however. Additionally, Number Five will upload footage that Ben never released (some is spare that I have, others are written out already). This footage is released to 'punish' Ben and lower his morale, making him stop resisting.

Overall, benthedreamcatcher is in serious need of a jump start and I think telling from a proxy's perspective would be interesting. Thanks for reading, if you have any comments or suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

Link (If you wanna see it for some reason): https://www.youtube.com/user/benthedreamcatcher?feature=mhee
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Fixing BenTheDreamCatcher (Spoilers)
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