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 Pre-Involvement Survey

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Jack Never Jackie

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PostSubject: Pre-Involvement Survey   Sun Jul 08, 2012 5:48 am

A Slenderblog/vlog/ARG should be pretty focused on the main element and his victim, with everything else secondary, in order to make it effective. Proxies, puzzles, threats, and all other elements should stem from exposure to His Slenderness, and there should be pretty direct delineation in order to keep people happy, with enough subterfuge and mystery to keep people tuned in.

The project I am working on will accomplish this in a fairly straightforward manner, but there are several minor concerns which I would just like outside opinion on - three questions.

1. Number of characters and side characters in the piece:
  • Main character
  • Veteran character
  • Snoopish character
  • Victim
  • 2 "Proxies"

These characters can be considered essential to the plot, but there are also several characters who could presumably be considered extraneous, and can go with minimum mention just for the sake of realism. What is the maximum amount of side characters that you feel would effectively be able to contribute to the piece without going overboard on names and faces that you don't really want to remember?

2. Number of social media websites/formats utilized:
  • Facebook
  • Blog-site
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube
  • Email/Phone Number/Mode of Contact with outside world

These websites are commonly used in relation to ARGs, but typically only 1 or 2 are employed per individual game/program. Are all five used in the same game too much to keep track of? Would that still be so with links posted on the main blog-page?

3. Number of other antagonists/annoying stalkers:

Any? Should something like this come up, it would not be the Rake, or a vampire, or anything that has been done so far. We have been hesitant to include anything else for fear of diminishing the oomph that the Slender Man possesses. Is a secondary antagonist as such overkill, especially an anomalous one?

Your thoughts and opinions will be greatly appreciated and will definitely contribute to making this project awesome. Thank you for reading this.
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PostSubject: Re: Pre-Involvement Survey   Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:32 am

1. I think you could use as many characters as you need to as long as they're relevant to what's going on. And not everyone has to get yanked into the strangeness. I think the more people unaware of what's happening the more unnerving it is that the main character is dealing with it.

2. I feel like Facebook's a little too personal. Twitter's good for quick updates. If you can make it look good and spooky without seeming too obvious, Youtube's great. And I'd say use whatever blog format you find the easiest to work with.

3. I'd say make proxies as human as you can without taking too much edge away, if you want to make Slenderman seem like the biggest badass in the room. Also two proxies should probably be enough unless you've got something else you had in mind. Maybe you could have the main character at odds with the methods of another Slender-stalked character but not enough to overshadow everything else.

I hope some of that was helpful and if I misunderstood anything, just let me know.
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Jack Never Jackie

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PostSubject: Re: Pre-Involvement Survey   Sun Jul 08, 2012 4:52 pm

Thank you~!

The reasoning for the first question was our split between Voice Actors and Face Actors. There's going to be more people willing to donate their voice for a session or two as opposed to actually having to be filmed, but I want the divide to be pretty thin, so I'm trying to cut extraneous figures.

And while #3 was not quiiite the way I intended, the way you phrased your response has cleared up that matter perfectly, and now I think I know what I'm going to do about that matter.
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PostSubject: Re: Pre-Involvement Survey   

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Pre-Involvement Survey
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