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 My Thesis Film is Slender

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PostSubject: My Thesis Film is Slender   Sun Jul 29, 2012 11:59 pm

Hello, SlenderNation! I already introduced myself in the Community thread, so That's not what I'm going to do. Instead, I'm going to talk about my Film for college, The Slender.

The Slender is an original interpretation on an ever expanding Mythos, which is obviously the Slender Man.
The Slender is about a little girl by the name of Emily. She is 10 or 11, and is having a very rough life. Her family is poor, Her mother is dying of serious disease, her father is abusive, and her uncle is a registered pedophile who is allowed, by her father, to occasionally babysit her. She is not a happy kid, and, to top it all of, has no friends amongst the kids in her neighborhood.
One night, after getting a hard beating from her father, She is in her bed room, crying with her head between her knees. the is a couple of taps on her window. She gets up and looks to see what it is after a while. she looks down, out of her window and see a very tall figure standing next to the tree, which is what she believes is doing the tapping.
She peeks over the glass jumps from fright, and holds her mouth from screaming as she hides behind the wall, knowing that if she screams that her dad might come back up and continue to hurt her. she peeks back, and sees only trees, she turns around to face her bed again and there the figure is , scrunched up in her room. She goes to let out a scream, but the figure holds his hand over her mouth. and puts his other hand's index finger over where his mouth should be. She starts to cry for a bit, but stops, totally intrigued by him.she cocks her head to the side as the figure removes his hand and she says What's your name? The figure picks up a piece of paper, touched it with the opposite hand and the words The Slender fade up on it. She says can I call you Slendy? We will then hear a weird static like, laugh.

There is a lot more than that written/planned out, but what do you think? The plot will basically go into this whole venture that Follows Slendy trying to get Emily to join him in the Forrest, all the while, Emily doesn't want to, because of her mother. Slender will also kill people who try to hurt Emily, such as her father and uncle. By the end, Emily agrees and she is brought to the Slender Nation (Get it?) Where there are tons of kids her age to play with, along with Slender, for all of eternity.
Any tips are greatly appreciated!
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PostSubject: Re: My Thesis Film is Slender   Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:26 am

I think it sounds pretty interesting. Never thought ol' Slendy would act like that, never imagined him laughing even! I'm interested to see where this goes! Smile
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My Thesis Film is Slender
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