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 So the current three "Sages"

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PostSubject: So the current three "Sages"   Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:22 pm

They have me a little confused. Who handed them the titles if Robert was out of the game by the time they joined in? Also the sages from what I have heard exist to help other bloggers out and try to find the "Warriors" and the "Hero" but there is never any mention of them in the current thing. Anyone know?

Please don't make this a place to burn any theory's okay? I get that most people have moved on from Roberts teachings and I respect your opinion of what sucks and what doesn't. I just don't want that to be what this page is about.
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PostSubject: Re: So the current three "Sages"   Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:40 pm

Maduin, one of the previous Sages decided to pass the titles on to if i'm recalling correctly: Hakurei Ryuu, AmagalmationSage...and I think Kay.

Pretty sure it hasn't changed since last I checked.

Maduin was known for being a "jester" hell the title of his blog was "A Really Bad Joke" and I like to consider this his biggest proof of that title. He was a genius.

Anyway you won't see much of a mention of it because Core Theory was turned on by everyone (even though in my personal opinion, Core Theory itself was a sound idea, it was just quickly spread thin and crumbled under the eagerness of others)

If i'm recalling correctly, these three sages actually used the titles correctly. It doesn't give them any role they haven't already been doing. It's just a confirmation of that fact, a way to make it stand out.

Other than the occasional mention of those three holding the titles, you'll very rarely see anything of Core Theory spoke about now.

And regrettably...

...that's probably for the best.
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So the current three "Sages"
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