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 TheAlleyStory - interesting back story.

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PostSubject: TheAlleyStory - interesting back story.   Sat Oct 06, 2012 9:10 pm

What's up guys, ( I just wanted to point out that this is not only my first post, but I just found this site today, and it's awesome. )
Anyways, I wanted to share this channel(s) ( I say that because there's two channels that are involved with each other. )

I found this post a while back on some forum, ( I can't remember when ) But, it was definitely interesting to say the least.
At first it was this story that was written as a personal narrative. ( which sounds weird, but it's really cool when you get into it. )

After the first 3 parts of the written story, the user mentioned that he was starting a YouTube channel for the whole thing.
and he later posted the channel.

And, after watching the introduction I noticed a few things after watching it a couple of times, the person who uploaded the video actually
misspelled a few words, ( and actually left a few words out. ) Now, I don't know if this was intentional or not, but after reading some of the annotations, I believe it was "accidental" in this person's verse. ( I think this was to try and make sure the viewer was paying attention or something. )

These misspelled slides actually continue on in the first and third video, with annotations that actually apologize for the grammatical mistakes.

However, after having read all three parts to the story, I noticed that the character ( Alan ) in the update video, seems to struggle with expressing his thoughts / and or explaining himself. He seems to explain things a bit too much. But, in my opinion, I feel this is entirely intentional, and adds to the character. After having the misspelled slides, one could assume that the character would be the kind to act like that. ( I'm not saying that it's like that for all videos, but it does in one video. ) ( And, I believe the reasons that it does is because of the events that happened in the written stories, which are probably essential to read before the viewer can actually dive into the vlog itself. )

As far as the story goes, it's looking pretty good. ( I won't give anything away, so you can check it out yourself. )
But the reason I like this one is because you do have to read something first, as kind of a proper "introduction" to the whole thing. Because it makes the story feel as if it was going on for several years before the channel actually started.

So, before I continue on.

Here's the channels and I'm surprised that they don't have more subscribers:
YT/user/TheAlleyStory - Main channel
YT/user/chriscostanza65 - ( I assume side channel )

I definitely recommend reading the first 3 parts that are on the channel before doing anything else, it's a good read, and it'll give you a bigger understanding of the purpose of the channel.

And, as for any slenderman encounters. There has not been any one in particular that has happened "currently in time" to the characters, but if you watch two videos on the chriscostanza65 channel, you'll see two possible encounters with him. ( And I believe there's some extra footage of those on TheAlleyStory channel )

But, thanks for reading I guess.. Damn, I typed a lot.

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PostSubject: Re: TheAlleyStory - interesting back story.   Fri Mar 15, 2013 9:22 am

To update this thread, here's the three parts of the Alleys:

Alleys Part 1

Alleys Part 2

Alleys Part 3

Also some video updates (gonna spoiler these because of all of the flash players that would bombard you guys if I didn't).


And a connected channel:

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PostSubject: Re: TheAlleyStory - interesting back story.   Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:54 pm

There has been a long amount of inactivity on this series, but since I've checked back after some time, I've seen they've posted a few things. Seems as though these are a slight intermission, or transition in the storyline. We'll see what happens. 

Check them out, here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlleyStory/videos
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PostSubject: Re: TheAlleyStory - interesting back story.   

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TheAlleyStory - interesting back story.
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