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 Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell

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Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell Empty
PostSubject: Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell   Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 5:52 am

I haven't done much at all here in months, so not many of you will remember me, but I was once a mod here.

I can't comment on whatever Doc's done or not done, but his actions on their own speak loud enough to me and I kind of half-decided when all of this started that I was going to pull myself away from the forum more and more. I was happy for a long time to be a mod - especially since this was the first forum I had ever kept up with since the very beginning. It held my interest and I feel like that was mostly because of the people using it. But then all this "drama" kept popping up and honestly, every time I heard about it, it made me roll my eyes.

See, people are important. I know that. Friends are important. I'm not so detached from reality and people to not understand that. But ridiculousness like this is just too fucking much. Online. Over a website. I understand a lot of time and effort was dedicated to this site. I really do. I often put a lot of time and effort into things only to fail at them every time. So I know how it feels to an extent. But to take this all to the level it's been taken is just pure fucking rubbish. It turned into a playground of an elementary school and I stopped wanting to be a part of it.

Now I know this isn't eloquent by any means. I'm kinda just going off on a tangent, but I've been drinking and I'm tired, so. I hope it makes some sense. My point is that I stopped wanting to be a part of this a long time ago. I tried keeping up with my responsibilities as a mod, but my motivation died when this bullshit all began. Not that I particularly blame Zander or anyone for the actions they took. If what I've heard is true about Doc (and honestly, his actions - past and present - on their own kind of prove to me they are), then I fully believe Zander and everyone involved believed they were doing the right thing at the time.

In addition, while I'm remembering, I'd like to add that that forum take-over wasn't even the beginning of the eye-rolling for me. Doc's instability and indecisiveness caused me to shake my head many a times, but I kept quiet and just kept on doing my thing for the good of the forum. I always wrote it off as my inability to sympathize with someone I'm not particularly close to, but in the end, I've come to see that it was just a gut feeling I had about things in the first place. About things just going to deteriorate into petty fights and childish behaviour.

To every newbie here, I'm sorry you can't experience the forum as I had before all of this shit hit the proverbial fan.

And to every oldbie, I apologize for making myself scarce during these last months. Half of the reason was because of what I've just (attempted to) explain and half was just... life getting in the way. But either way, I am sorry. And I hope you're all doing well.

I'm not planning to return, as I'm sure is pretty obvious, as this site has lost its magic for me and I've moved on. But I just thought I should throw in my two cents. Along with my towel. For whatever it's worth. Cheers guys.
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Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell   Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 5:59 am

A lot of people are going to be leaving over the course of the next few days. I think it's really up to the people who are staying to make the most of what's left though. Though it's a shame to see many people who feel they need to disassociate themselves with the community they've grown attached to, it is a nice touch to see their reasons, and yours, explained in a calm and collected manner.

I wish you well.
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Wasn't going to make a new thread, but what the hell
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