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 How this is a bad idea from the get go.

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How this is a bad idea from the get go. Empty
PostSubject: How this is a bad idea from the get go.   How this is a bad idea from the get go. EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 11:48 pm

I'm going to have to say that this is quite a thing going on here. Getting the hell out seemed like a viable option. And sure enough I'm still doing that. But while I still have an account allow me to point out a few things.

Also you may want to screen cap this RIGHT NOW seeing as how it may be deleted soon. Which brings me to my first point.

1. Do not edit people's posts.

That includes deleting what they have said. Now I know I'm going to be countered with (they had my real name) in there and all that. But yeah there has been quite a bit more of that going on. And that to me is the chief offense. The one place we should be free to speak our mind is in what many consider our home.
You couldn't have been surprised by the backlash. Hell, you said it yourself you created the thread just to get all the hate out. But editing others posts is pretty fucking terrible if you ask me and damn near the beginning of a fucking dictatorship. And yes, I'm using political words for this because they give the best visuals as to what is actually happening.
Because I remember when you got booted Doc. There was so much shit flying by both sides it was crazy. But not a word was edited. Not a thread locked until after the fact. It was directed at the mods in particular and they just took it. They knew what they were getting into and they knew making people shut up was not the right thing to do. If anything, it may have helped everyone move on. Something to give them an outlet. Oh, and nobody was banned for it either.

2. Don't lock the threads just because you don't like what people are saying.

That's a great way to plug up your system with more random open threads that are just meant as replies to a now closed thread. Oh, and it's also a pretty effective way to cutting off discussions and shutting people down that you don't like.

3. Creators don't get special tribute.

This is NOT the facebook creators group. This is NOT a forum strictly for creators. So they should have no more say in anything that goes on here than any other.
The idea that three positions for modship can only be taken up by creators is really ridiculous. So I suppose that olive branch you are sending out the the CNS TC chatmods is kinda bunk huh? Because I know a couple creators that think I'm all kinds of horrible things. Especially since I had banned a few of them from the chat a couple months back. I know that Crusay (my chatname in the TC) would not be welcome in a mod group that may or may not have the creators of that vlog among them. Not to mention any of their fans who also took part in defaming me both in that fb group and in public on tumblr.
Yeah, I'm bringing personal shit into this. Because you know what, this is personal.
Very personal.

A, Doc asked me to be his girlfriend personal.

A, I said sure because I had no idea he had other girlfriends on the side personal.

Some thing that didn't last more than two weeks until I broke it off. Not from hearing about his transgressions though. That was the shock that happened a month or so later.

And that is actually the main reason why I can't stay. Why I've deleted any personal info I could on this site. Because I was going to pm Doc to delete my account and my stomach got so sick from worry that I couldn't even do that.

This turned into more of a rant and a confessional than anything else but hey might as well air out all our dirty laundry right?

And "execute order 66" is a fucking childish name for a thread.
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How this is a bad idea from the get go. Empty
PostSubject: Re: How this is a bad idea from the get go.   How this is a bad idea from the get go. EmptyWed Jan 30, 2013 11:56 pm

I'm quite shocked the depths to which people will sink to make me look like this horrible person. While creators don't get special tribute, they do get a voice on this forum, something that was severely lacking before. As for the CNS section, one of the butterflies has been chosen to moderate that place. One of your own is being civil and helping out the mythos, if not me. Once again, I lock them because they're just childish jabs at me. Editing wise, I've only edited my own name out of one post, nothing more.
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How this is a bad idea from the get go.
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