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 The Doctor ToT

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PostSubject: The Doctor ToT   Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:37 pm

Thank you so much, Doctor for helping me! I was going insane without Slendernation posts to read. My mental capacity was decreasing and I forgot how to make pancakes. SO to celebrate, I made pancakes. Thank you for helping me get back here. I swear I'll be writing my password across my forehead next time. I's weird because I use the same password for EVERY SINGLE account I have on anything forum related, same password for my gaming accounts, and same password for social website accounts. V.V

So I'm sorry about that and thank you so much, Doctor. You're my hero.

In other news, Crazy is back! I'm alive and I feel a lot better thanks to some medicinal treatment! If you guys didn't notice I was rather sickly before, but I'm quite better!

ALSO! Can anyone give me some notable tips on how to handle big bosses in Dark Souls? Aside from to try and cling to their nutsacks and beat them with my dinky little dagger?

I LOVE YOU ALL! SETHLAPOD! ETERO! AAAHHHH! And the Doctor. Wow, I'm so hyped when I typed this. THANK YOU ALL
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The Doctor ToT
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