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 CreepyPasta Table Top RPG

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PostSubject: CreepyPasta Table Top RPG   Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:39 pm

By thekill97
I do not own any of the art but made the rules and tamplet the templet was based on one from a friend
Heres how it works
Sorry if you can't read some of it I made the spelling creepy But I think it can be read
All the dice you need are on the 3 page image and most of the basic rules you need to know
The first page is your normal set up your helth power and such data and info is made when useing your cam finding clues or finding info info is +20 data and is harder to find clues is + 10 and video make you +1 every 5 attack rolls
When you get 60 data/info you can add 3 points to your Melee ranged acc ap counter speed block and dodge
Your inv is what you have on you the GM picks how much he likes you to have on at once
Page 2 Tech is basicly your tech stuff such as the video cam this page will hold the data on your video cams power that you roll the 10 sided dice for aka the one with 90 80 and so on
what ever it lands on thats how much power it gains from a power sorce or how much it lost
You can upgrade the video cam in 3 ways power what you use to power it up
Time: how long you can make a video
and last Quallity that will make your video nicer
You can also use your video to help you such as it may see something you don't
The 3 page Is mainly the rules and what the dice do I hope you can enjoy it and have fun \
Page 4 is just some story names mainly made for me to use when playing but you can find creepy pastas online with the names and that basicly will give you the story
Thanks for looking




This was made just to have fun
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CreepyPasta Table Top RPG
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