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 Origin of Simulati0n

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PostSubject: Origin of Simulati0n   Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:22 pm

I'd really rather not touch this whole board with a ten foot pole, as I have a feeling that I'll only be adding to a pile of ever growing chaos, but I noticed this one slenderblog hasnt been posted about yet. Not to mention, its one of few blogs I can even bring myself to skim lately.

Essentially, it's a blog written by a professional psychological profiler, and reads a lot like some detective/crime novel. Pretty unique, and being a fan of that genre myself, Its probably most of the reason semi keep up with it.

He's already mentioned several of the other popular blogs around, and I hardcore agony groaned at that, praying for no more tie-ins, but he may drop that, if we're lucky.

It started out on a tumblr:
But he posts actual text blog entries here now:
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Origin of Simulati0n
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