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 My Introduction Thread

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PostSubject: My Introduction Thread   Tue May 28, 2013 2:32 pm

Hello! My name is JustinDGBZ (as you can see). I get my name from Dragonball Z, which has been a favorite childhood series of mine, and it's an account name I use for various things. I have been a long time lurker here on the forums for many months but have decided to create an account here, since I'm somewhat bored atm, and I've been wanting to comment on some theories I have involving Slenderseries I enjoy watching. I feel like I can bring some attention to different things that have not yet been noticed by some people.

I will start though by explaining how I got into the Slenderman mythos! I know I am going to look like a noob (in some people's eyes) by explaining this, but I can promise that I am a big fan of Slenderman as a whole. One of the first creepypastas I got into was BEN/The Haunted Majora's Mask whenever I saw someone talking about it on World of Warcraft (which is a game I play very often) and I decided to check it out. Some people in the comments were saying that BEN acts a lot like Slenderman, and at the time I was thinking, "WTF is a Slenderman?" but I didn't feel like looking him up at the time.

A few months later the game Slender was released and I saw a review of it on Toonami, which is what made me want to go see what Slenderman was about. I first watched people playing Slender on Youtube, and then I looked around at other videos that involved Slenderman not related to the game and I discovered Marble Hornets. I watched the entire series (it was up to I think #60 at the time or some such, where Jay gets the documents about Tim in the tunnel) before I found the Slenderman wiki, which then introduced me to the other big 4 series, and I watched the entirety of EverymanHYBRID, MLAnderson0, TribeTwelve, and DarkHarvest00 in that order. That same wiki also exposed me to this website, where I've been lurking for a long time now. So I think I know how these forums work, and there's not much to worry about in the way of following the rules and adhering to the culture and customs!

In regards to making a Slenderseries, I did a seven-or-so minute video about Slenderman for a college class project which wasn't made too badly but it could've been a lot better. I might make a topic for it but right now I don't think so. But yeah! This is me. I'm fairly obsessed with Slenderman and it's nice to know there are other fans out there!
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PostSubject: Re: My Introduction Thread   Tue May 28, 2013 2:57 pm

Welcome to SlenderNation! I'm glad to see a name to one of our lurkers.

Guns don't kill people, not reading the forum rules does!

While you're here, consider clicking the link above. That'd be cool of you.
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PostSubject: Re: My Introduction Thread   Tue May 28, 2013 4:45 pm

Hi there, welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy your stay here.

Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: My Introduction Thread   Tue May 28, 2013 7:42 pm

Hello there! Hope you enjoy your time here! Don't feel ashamed of getting into the mythos due to the game's popular influence! It's really only fans that act like the game started it all that get people annoyed round here.
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PostSubject: Re: My Introduction Thread   

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My Introduction Thread
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