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 Broken Inside

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PostSubject: Broken Inside   Thu May 30, 2013 9:05 pm

Story takes place in 2030. Horror story.
Chapter 1 Perfect Life
He is confused.
He stands there, the blank walls surrounding him.
One of the walls whisper to him, fear, be afraid, pain, fell the agony, death, see the void...
Another starts to dance.
Still yet, the only window in the room has something sitting there.
It chuckles.
"You made a mistake boy. They are coming now. Be quiet. I'll be back for you," and with that it jumps off and leaves.
The door, which had been invisible to the boy, opens. A man in a coat steps in.
"Hello, Jake. How are you today?" The man smiles at him.
The boy, Jake, does not smile back. His words are slurred.
"I'm fine, but the wall won't be quiet." Jake punches the wall, and then it shuts up.
"Ah. Is it quiet now? Anyway, I wanted to ask you about the incident today, if you don't mind." The man tries smiling again, but for some reason Jake's head seems clearer.
"That's ok, I guess I can talk," Jake says slowly, trying to form the right words, then smiling in triumph.
"Ah, thank you then, Jake." The man smiles.
"So, first of all, did you know Adam?" He shows Jake a picture of a boy. Memories stir.
"Yes, I did. He was always attacking me." His words are clear and fast now. No reason to h0ld back.
"Whatever happened to him?" Jake tries to remember but can't.
"Let's wait a bit to answer that. What about Stacy here?" He shows Jake another picture. Young girl. More memories.
"WHORE! BITCH! EVIL!" Jake is suddenly angry. This girl hurt him. Made him hate more and more.
"Jake, calm down. What about them?" He shows Jake a picture of two mid-age people, a man and woman. He sees a young child behind them, sitting in a corner.
"Th...that's m-mommy...and daddy..." Jake suddenly is filled with rage.
"Why?! WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THIS?! I WILL KILL YOU!" Jake can now recollect everything. He killed them. All of them. And many more people.
All because he was in love...
with her.
Not Stacy. Someone else. Someone he tried to remember, but for some reason he could not. It felt like their was a wall in his mind.
Nero-tech, he heard the window thing say. They're blocking her out. Here, let me fix that...
Jake could see clearer now.
Her name had been Katie.
People had hurt her, beaten her, spit on her. Even Jake's parents had despised her, why he would never know.
It seemed everyone had hated her.
Except for him.
They had been friends. Good friends. Jake would get in fights for her, usually he would lose, and they would spend hours just sitting, getting away from the world.
Then came the pills. They drugged him up, tried to make him think 'rationally'. Tried to make him hate her, and everyone like her.
But he couldn't. And this doctor wanted him to forget her.
"You...you are a bad man. I will not speak with you anymore." Jake went to his bed and sat down, and he thought.
"Jake, please, we're trying to help you. We want you to be better. We want you to have a perfect life." The man took a step toward Jake, and Jake shot up, angry.
"Like how you wanted Katie to have a perfect life? So you sent her to an institute for the insane and let her be raped there by all of those assholes? AND THEN YOU LET HER KILL HERSELF?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT LIFE! YOU PEOPLE ARE THE CRAZY ONES IF YOU BELIEVE THERE IS!" Jake shoved the man out of the room and closed the door. He needed to be alone.
He just wanted to be alone.
He wanted to be alone with Katie.
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PostSubject: Re: Broken Inside   Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:33 am

//damn you for not continuing this!\\
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PostSubject: Re: Broken Inside   Wed Aug 07, 2013 1:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Broken Inside   

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Broken Inside
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