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 Starbound - An awesome new game coming out soon

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Starbound - An awesome new game coming out soon Empty
PostSubject: Starbound - An awesome new game coming out soon   Starbound - An awesome new game coming out soon EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 5:42 am

Ok, some of you may have heard about a game coming out soon named Starbound. It's an open world space exploration game being developed by Chucklefish, with Tiy of Chucklefish having worked on Terraria. 

So, the story goes: Your home planet was destroyed by an unknown civilization and you escaped. You get an abandoned space station and a ship, and you go explore the galaxy n stuff. The galaxy is randomly generated and huge. When you land on a planet, you encounter randomly generated beings and NPCs. You can terraform the planet, build stations, mine, and pretty much do anything you like. If you like a planet, you can make it your home world and colonize it. Multiplayer will reportedly be super easy to configure and glitch free, randomness will be breathtaking, and the game itself will be wonderful. Also, you get to play with different races, including Humans, a robotic species and sentient humanoid birds! 

Here are some links you should check out:

Official Starbound website with dev log: http://www.playstarbound.com
Youtube video about why Starbound will be better than Terraria: Awesome Video
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Starbound - An awesome new game coming out soon
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