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 American Blackout

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PostSubject: American Blackout   Wed Oct 30, 2013 12:42 am

This TV movie from National Geographic came on earlier tonight and I watched most of it (I missed some of the beginning) but I thought it was pretty good! In the movie the United States is hit with a cyber attack that knocks out power for ten days before eventually the problem is solved and power is turned back on. The film is viewed through five different cameras from a variety of people in "found-footage" style, which some of you may like since Slender series usually go through with this format. At first I didn't think the idea was very possible, and a lot of it still didn't make sense to me (if the power is out why is the president making speeches on television and how is the news still showing?) but as it went on I found that the situations going on could be very real. There were a few questions I still had but most of them were answered, although I suppose the answers don't really matter anyways.

There are five groups of people it follows: A prepper family who has prepared for such a disaster, a typical family that consists of a dad and a pregnant mom with their young daughter, a group of college students stuck in an elevator, a wealthy couple, and a teen vlogger whose mother goes missing.

A Summary and My Thoughts:
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American Blackout
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