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 Creating Slenderman film, what would you like to see?

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PostSubject: Creating Slenderman film, what would you like to see?   Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:35 am

Hi Slender fans! 
My name is Nyle Odom and I am currently writing a script with my friend based on the Slender man. I hope this is in the right place if not, ill move it if i need to. I've written scripts before but never really had this much of an oppertunity to make them come to life before. This will be a "Blair Witch" style POV film because i believe anything other than that DESTROYS the illusion of what SLENDER is, and is always scarier when it seems like he could be real. I have only written an opening scene that might even get moved to a different point in the movie but i will post it here. This will have quite a few small effects but no james cameron stuff. I promise though, it will NOT be a group of teens with a camera and costumes, screaming around blasting static in your ear lol.
My question for all of you is, what would you all hate or love to see in this flick? I understand everyone's tired of people ripping off Marble Hornets, and I've already vowed to stay FAR away from any of their signature mythos but as close as i can to the games, while adding my own at the same time.
so here is what i have so far...

ext. forest. midnight.
fade in.
We start with a POV shot of a home movie camera being held by someone obviously delerious, barely holding on to the camera as its pointing upside-down behind him. We see a pair of tall legs, getting farther and farther away as our cameraman staggers on.
After seeing the legs for a few seconds, our cameraman holds it forward to show trees with chalk drawings of both the Slenderman, and arrows leading him forward.
He puts his arm down making us look upside down behind him again to see the legs are uncomfertably closer.
The camera bugs a bit and cuts to later in the "tape" and our cameraman is pointing the camera at a chalk and rock shrine of Slender, surrounded by candles and 4 bowls of blood. One being empty.
He places the camera on a stump, facing him and the shrine.
He looks at the camera and changes his face from a look of exaustion, to a look that says (sweet mercy at last) his smirk turns into a smile as he starts a chuckle that looks and sounds like he can't beleive his suffering was over. He leans over the shrine and pulls out a makeshift rock-knife that looks to have been used for many years, and never cleaned.
He leans over the shrine(revealing Slenderman is standing in the backround watching him)and with one final yell...
He runs the knife through his heart, and his blood runs onto the stone, the man shouting in agony the entire time. The stick-figure like drawing of the slenderman on the shrine turns green and The slenderman's figure flies into the shrine, revealing an entirely different person in his place. She looks to be badly hurt and very dirty.
The girl is crying but stops, when she opens her eyes and see's where she is, and begins to laugh.Maniacally.Meanwhile the same black, white, and red whisp that came out of the little girl, comes out of the shrine and onto our original cameraman. Causing him to "turn in to" The Slender Man.
The camera glitches out and the Slender man disapears. Leaving us (the camera) to watch as the girl laughs a laugh of insanity, then slowly switch to crying as the title "Faceless" appears on the screen. Cut to black.
then I'm thinking of establishing our "group" to the audience and have them become involved with slender by means of relation to his current host or something. 
Thank you for reading and can't wait to hear what you all have to say!
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PostSubject: Re: Creating Slenderman film, what would you like to see?   Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:12 pm

1. Please double tap the enter key when inserting line breaks.

2. This constitutes plug and running, which is totally not OK.

3. I want to see dark, needlessly controversial humour. I don't see enough of that, and it could work well in a Slenderseries.
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PostSubject: Re: Creating Slenderman film, what would you like to see?   Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:56 pm

1. Don't refer to him as 'Slenderman', 'Slender Man', 'Slendy'. Don't EVER call him 'Slender' cause that aggravates the fandom (he wasn't created in the game, his roots go way back to 2008/2009 on SA forums.) Calling him the names above either in interviews or in the movie or anywhere if what you talk about is related to your movie can possibly get you sued, Victor Surge (the creator of the character) did this in the past.

2. Innovate some, don't use stale ideas unless you really have to.

3. Not that I want to sound like an ass, but I didn't like the plot example you gave us much. It is somehow too cheesy. But hey, if you like it and think you could develop something cool with it, don't listen to me.

4. Give us loveable characters, don't give us Mary Sue characters. Give your characters weaknesses, make them human.

That's all I can think of right now. Good luck with your project, I hope you succeed. Also, I invite you to actively join the forum and introduce yourself by creating a new thread here.

 Have a nice day, if you need help with the plot, feel free to contact me.
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PostSubject: Re: Creating Slenderman film, what would you like to see?   Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:48 am

hey guys,

i've recently finished making a Slender Man movie.  its a found footage style movie that was inspired by those Slender games which i found terrifying.

Check out and please let me know your thoughts, positive and negative, i can take it  Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Creating Slenderman film, what would you like to see?   

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Creating Slenderman film, what would you like to see?
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