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 33. Indie Horror Project

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PostSubject: 33. Indie Horror Project   Mon Sep 15, 2014 1:13 pm

Hello Everyone... NewMerchant aka Endo, Endosine.
I've been wanting to make a short/medium length film for a while and recently, my digital media class decided to let us make a film as our assignment, I decided to step into the found footage side but try to do this more correctly, keep it mysterious but make it similar in style to a VLog ARG.

Here's the premise so far...

33. is a found footage style horror film inspired by The Poughkeepsie Tapes and various other found footage horror titles.

33. is set around a bizarre missing persons report which was formally abandoned till a camcorder belonging to one of the missing persons was found. The footage uncovers the horrifying and disturbing events...

Two Trailers if you're interested:

(The reason the film is named 33. is because that is what was carved on the side of the camcorder when it was found.)

I know it might be a bit cliche but if you do like what you see or if you're interest... I thank you sincerely if you are ^w^
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33. Indie Horror Project
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