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 TTA? In MY main characters?

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Mr. Jeebles

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PostSubject: TTA? In MY main characters?   Sun Feb 27, 2011 3:39 pm

OK SO, Here's my review on the new TTA video, Broadcast, which kind of turned into a "Who the fuck is TTA and what are his motives and also I have some theories and bullshit" rant. Thus requiring it's own thread. So help me Jeebus, I do try to not derail threads so much, I'm just not good at it.


TTA is either Jay (when being controlled by The Operator and this is his way of getting through to himself), Alex (When being controlled by The Operator and trying to get through to Jay), or Tim (When being controlled by The Operator and trying to get a menacing message through to Jay).

I think that TTA is all three of them, but one factor remains the same, Slendy has somewhat of a hold on them as they make the videos. I think this Video was made by Alex. I.E. The man who's reflection in the lake is Alex and he also uploaded the video.

The only one that I think Jay has done was the last one, Fragments. Problem with this is I can poke holes in my own theories such as "why was it uploaded then and not during the 7 months of OMGWTFBBQ" I can really only think of it as outside issues such as they [Troy and Joseph] spent those 7 months planning because there originally wasn't supposed to be a season 2. It was posted late because they had only come up with that idea and posted it then and are going with Jay "forgot the TTA YouTube password"

The old TTA videos I'm going with are Tim and Alex's doing. This is because Jay was just learning about all the shit that was going down and hadn't even seen The Operator himself (atleast being aware of it because it's been confirmed that he was there when The Operator was back on the set for MH, he just can't remember)

The old TTA videos seem to switch between and aggressive threatening warning and just a plain passive "be careful" kind of warning.

One example of the passive agressive is the second video, Operator, which states,

Quote :
Lakes in stillness will take every life of the night

There's been lots of symbolism for water/lakes in the TTA videos showing up in: Operator, Impurity, Program, and Messages.

The more aggressive videos are: Warning, Return, and Signal.

To me they seem the most cryptic and the most like that character Tim, with Return being my favorite because The Operator shows right up in the video. But all these Videos have the same underling message of "I've got you" or "I've found you" and "You're mine". Return even going as far to show a dazed Jay before The Operator pops out then a message saying you will come back.

From writing this it's come to my conclusion that, yes it is all three of them but it's mainly just Tim trying to "tacklefuck" Jay through horror via a YouTube video. But yes, while I think most of the videos are Time, atleast one of them was uploaded by Jay and a couple via Alex.

I feel this was done quite bad, I can never put things I enjoy doing into words/paper/type very well, but yes. that's my thrown together theory of who TTA is with a little connection of videos. Feel free to poke holes in it and throw your own thoughts onto this thread.
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PostSubject: Re: TTA? In MY main characters?   Sun Feb 27, 2011 10:19 pm

I agree wholeheartedly as this theory has been my theory for some time now.

I at one point though it was only Tim but then I couldn't figure out how he would have gotten his hands on the missing audio from Alex's original tapes, so that was when the idea that it was more then one person popped into my head.

And eventually Jay being a part of it just fell into place.
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TTA? In MY main characters?
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