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 Things that you can learn from....

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PostSubject: Things that you can learn from....   Mon Apr 11, 2011 7:08 am

I thought I'd open up this thread, after starting to finally read Make It Count. The first thing that struck me was a sense of family, of Celeste's life, just by how she talked about nephews and family life.

So I thought that in the nature of the self-help threads for blogs, I'd ask you all to pipe up what you've learned from other blogs

I learned from Make It Count... that spending a few posts at the beginning of your story on family, helps gain a sense of personality that will last for the entire blog.

I learned from Dreams In Darkness... that not showing your antagonist until a real climactic moment is a better scare than anything else.

I learned from Seeking Truth... that a protagonist is capable of having personal issues, and make mistakes in his battle with the unknown. Those mistakes can shatter perceptions.

I learned from A hint of serendipity...that you can write an immersive story that lives in the moment, in the interactions of others, but it makes a poor read.

I learned from White Elephants...that sometimes a retcon taking place as a Creator Breakdown can influence the entire mythos, and spawn interesting new characters.
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PostSubject: Re: Things that you can learn from....   Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:27 am

What I learned from Seeking Truth: When Slendy appears it should make you fucking scared, and that there will be tragedy in Slenderseries.

What I learned from Dreams in Darkness: It's always good developing characters at the beginning, then the ensuing shitstorm of Slendy that may or may not have happened, and to add to that, mindfuck endings are amazing.

What I learned from Da Watcha: BRB BASEBALL BAT, and BRB SLENDERRAVE
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Things that you can learn from....
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