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 A recurring Pattern

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A recurring Pattern Empty
PostSubject: A recurring Pattern   A recurring Pattern EmptyThu Feb 09, 2012 1:46 am

Marble Hornets and TribeTwelve-esque stories seem to have a pattern.

1. The protagonist's friend has gone missing/died, and he has old tapes of him and decides to look through them.
2.Things go downhill. He starts seeing Slenderman in the tapes, and starts investigating. He starts seeing Slendy himself. (Example: Jay investigates Alex's house.)
3. The descent into madness begins. He slowly goes mad, leaves his house, gets his account hacked, and checks into a fucked up hotel.
4. ??????????????????? ( This is where the story is supposed to end. However, I haven't seen this happen yet in any series.)

They all make one mistake. At around step 3, the story focuses less on what happened to Alex or Milo, but on random hacked videos and videos of him running away from Masky or Slenderman.
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A recurring Pattern Empty
PostSubject: Re: A recurring Pattern   A recurring Pattern EmptyThu Feb 09, 2012 12:05 pm

EMH: No friend dies or tapes found (in the beginning, anyway)
TJAP: Friend dies, the rest doesn't happen.
DarkHarvest: Starts with guy making tapes of SM and other random attackers.
Jonsclubs: Don't make me laugh.

I heard TribeTwelve started as a tribute to MarbleHornets, so that would explain the very similar structure. But outside of obscure MH knockoffs, TT is the only one to do the missing friend/tapes/downhill thing like that.

Unless someone can give more examples, which I'm sure someone will.
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A recurring Pattern
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