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the tall slender girl watched from on top a building, her dress waved in the air and all you could see was the Staples on her mouth reflecting the moon. as she sat still, slenderman walked up beside her holding a rag doll with one tentacle, and wraps another one around her arm and suddenly his thoughts poor into her mind "You were gone" Exeria stands up at the words and turned around "I cant live on animal blood anymore, its slowing down my healing process, i- i" her words were interrupted my the sickness she had picked up." im surviving on humans that are practically almost dead already". slender was still facing her, but then more thoughts were let into the girls mind "thats not why im here" "vendors lose again, we know how you got the sickness, and its not the animals". exeria got up, her ribs were showing through her pale-ish grey skin, her bones looked as though they would puncture through the flesh, she suddenly turned around to see you and 3 other slenders looking at her weird. ( this is were you come in)
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