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Hello there, and welcome to Slender Nation. Before you begin posting, we require that you read our rules so that you understand what standards are required of you during your stay here. Thank you, and have a good day.

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 The Border series (blogs)

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PostSubject: The Border series (blogs)   The Border series (blogs) EmptySun Jul 28, 2013 7:51 am

I guess I should give a resume of everything the series includes so far, since my intentions is not for people to read since "Entry one" (at the beginning the writing was sooo TERRIBLE DX), besides I have not uploaded all of the work online, since it was originally intended for a school project. It may take some time to read so is ok if you prefer to skip this topic:

The Border is a collection of narrations me and other friends wrote in high-school. Starting by the story of Andrel (aka Keiken the priest-boy), a spiritual teenager who was grown and instructed inside a family religious association (which btw resembles what is known IRL as "El Yunque", a paramilitary group), but then encounters with SM one day, giving him horrible migraine attacks, and changing his usual routine forever, making him to have two lives: trying to escape SM while he encounters and helps other runners throughout the borderline (the stories try to project a different way people deals with SM by the place's culture and also differentiate how the proxys act in contrast with their US counterparts) while saying to his family he went into "baptizing missions" and returning now and then to report for the Association conditioning (quite like school, but with a extended mandatory and exhausting PE class), avoiding to involve them as much as possible. Also there is some background develop of Keiken after some entries, mentioning time to time stuff like how his life was before and what he really thought about it; He commented about his peculiar "fraternity", and their unusual rules and traditions, like making him do boot camp, sending him to spiritual retires since an early age and not lending him to have a girlfirend until he was titled as an active member of the association, which btw it was a tradition he didn't follow at all, having a secret partner, constantly referred to as "L" (lol, no, is not a DN character xd, this was from way before DN was popular in my country).

It was during this days that Keiken meets another runner at the US who responded by the name of Hospitaller, a young man who ran a "break point" for runners to have a rest in their journey, called The Hospital (since the place was just that, an abandoned hospital). ATTENTION I do not own the character of Hospitaller, I don't even know the author in person, we just did some crossovers together. One day when we finished a crossover he was starting to develop his own plot but he suddenly stopped blogging, leaving his story incomplete, which gives you the sensation that he was murdered while investigating whoever sang at the forest by night. I retook the idea of the place some time later, making Keiken stop by various times to rest and mourn.

Later in the stories Keiken unravels a mysterious past from within the Association that might link it to SM in some way making him consider the fact that it wasn't chance what made him chased in the first place. But before he could investigate more he is discovered by the Association, The Holy Assembly, who noticed in what he has been up to all this time with his fake evangelizations. Keiken is kept captive n his parents' house and his account is hacked, turned in HA's new bulletin board (the blog is change settings to private to simulate the secrecy of the association for some time), while The Holy Assembly takes a more active roll and encounters SM and other proxys several times, with quite "graphic" tragic results (paramilitarist being torn in two, SM appearing out of the nothing and taking some kids, proxys turning conditioning complexes into fire while children were still in course, dismembering of some (disposable) main characters, etc..), and also introducing the Omega group's (the militarized branch of the association) authorities, like Miguel, Uriel, Rafael, Asaliah (deceased, I already stated someone was torn in pieces didn't I?), Azrael, Ferh(lost) and Israfel, [yeah in one issue they explained the names thingy, something about being baptized again; just for the record, Andrel was supposed to be named Mehiel, to give you an idea]. Also, after multiple encounters with proxys (who apparently seem to be entire communities of them at natives reserves), the HA makes a public call to the border runners to join them to a war against the proxy native communities, by the offer of providing provisions, shelter and guns to the affected, being most of them just orphan kids, who are immediately designated to the conditioning complexes.

In the future it will be explained the hidden interest for the HA to mobilize his forces, which had nothing to do with a then 16-old years goner kid at all; fact that has been insinuated by Keiken at various blog comments so far. 

The problem escalates even more when a complete division of the Omega group is wiped out by a horde of proxy natives, being one of the few survivors their leader, Uriel. Retaliations do not wait from part of the HA.
At some point of the conflict, Keiken manages to escape and takes with him MercifulSister (the new alias for L), frauds some bank accounts of the HA an uncle had access to, and seeks refuge at The Hospital, threatening the HA of losing all the money if they were followed. The HA accepted the demands and lets him be for a week before sending Azrael and Israfel, The Errant Knights division, in the mission of retrieving MercifulSister and bring  Keiken's head, declaring him a traitor. Here comes a hiatus from Keiken in the blogs. I just read and commented at blogs, while Merciful sister insinuated her sensibility of the unknown in other comments.

Currently there are 3 blogs that follow the series:

The original blog hacked from Keiken by Uriel. Now everything the HA wish to be made public to the runner community is posted here. Lately Uriel, now that he lost his team, travels around the native communities and post his research here.

El Nido Del Bahamut

Azrael and Israfel's blog. Azrael used to write reviews of books in it ,but now uses it to write about his journey, being the chase of Keiken his biggest priority. He currently runs some errands for the research group of Rafael and his last mission made him enter The Path, being a traumatic experience for him and -specially- Israfel, who is currently mentally unstable.

New Keiken's blog. Generally uploading cryptic messages to mislead the HA, Keiken logs to give hints of what he has been up to. Currently he has finished a project he has been working on and opens The Hospital for the runners once more. Or does he?

So that's it. pardon the long post, mainly I want to know what you think about it and if you think that it lacks something so that we could improve it in future. Thank you for reading TuT
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The Border series (blogs)
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