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Hello there, and welcome to Slender Nation. Before you begin posting, we require that you read our rules so that you understand what standards are required of you during your stay here. Thank you, and have a good day.

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 Rebuilding Weaver Corp.

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Rebuilding Weaver Corp. Empty
PostSubject: Rebuilding Weaver Corp.   Rebuilding Weaver Corp. EmptyFri Mar 28, 2014 7:31 pm

Shortly after the "Caughtalie" reunion video Warren came into the CNS chat with aninterresting offer, that later also got posted by the Butterfly Apollo, which also added several important details about that offer:

Apollos tumblr post wrote:

A Brief History For Those Still Catching Up:
Once upon a time there was this thing called the Weaver. It’s a supernatural incorporeal being dedicated to helping people in need. But it doesn’t think the way humans do, so it approached a/some family/ies for help. Those families became what we colloquially call Weaver Co. They assisted the Weaver’s efforts to help people by doing things like making sure the people calling it in for help weren’t abusing the privilege, explaining to the frightened recipients of help what was going on, helping people the Weaver was too busy to help, etc. Some of them had extra supernatural bonds to the Weaver, allowing them to, in a way, see what it sees. The positions in this organization were passed from generation to generation, all the way to the present, helping people stuck in dangerous, often supernatural situations all over the world.
Recently, however, Weaver Co. suffered a devastating attack by The Beast (yes, ol’ Tall, Dark, and Faceless itself), leaving almost everyone dead or “taken.” A man named Warren (whom we’d been in communication with for some time already after receiving the Weaver’s help for something else we were involved with) was one of the only survivors. He is one of the ones gifted with a connection to the Weaver itself. And he is now trying to restart the organization from scratch to get back to helping people. He doesn’t have much of a team right now, though. One field agent, and a few contacts that had left the organization before the attack.

What The Deal Is: 
Warren has come to us for help in getting Weaver Co. back on its feet! He needs, as he put it, “meat in the seats of multiple departments.” Basically, he’s asked if we’d be willing to volunteer to join the new Weaver Co.

The Departments:

Research and Pathology - Targets who get The Weavers attention tend to be tied to, or at least think they are tied to something of some sort of mythology. Understanding what these people believe and what makes them tick makes it easier to locate them and predict what they might do. This department is essentially researching what they are, or think they are, tied to, and creating sort of psychological profiles of the target and/or entity. The goal is to learn what we can to help take care of the situation in the most efficient way. If you are good at researching and compiling information, and/or understanding how other people think, this could be a good fit.
Intel - Often targets can be unstable in mind, and outwardly eccentric in their communications and methods. This department will be responsible for decoding, and deciphering things that The Weavers Eye (a device that allows Warren to see what the Weaver “sees”) may see that could help us get closer to finding these people before they can harm anyone else. If you’re good with codes, languages, puzzles, etc. this may be the department for you.
Field Support - This department will take the information gathered by the other teams and build an A, B and C plan list of predicted scenarios to end the situation. It is their job to build tactics based on the information acquired to better help the success of the mission. This is a good fit for strategists and tacticians, people who are good with planning and logistics, seeing the worst case scenarios and finding ways out of them in advance.
(There’s also the actual Field Agents, who go out and actually get the bad guys based on our information, but Warren has already stated that none of us are qualified for that department, so that one isn’t open for us to apply to. Which is totally fair. The previous Weaver Co.’s field agents trained for years to do their jobs, and the current field agent has military training.)


Q: Does it matter where I live? Do I need to be able to go anywhere?
A: If you have an internet connection, and can get into a tinychat room, and/or Skype group, I think that’s probably all you need!
Q: Is this a butterflies-only thing?
A: No! Anyone can join, butterfly or not! Warren and the Weaver have absolutely nothing to do with Roivas, and don’t have any primary ties to the Dark Place.
Q: Is this a for-life thing like joining the butterflies?
A: No! This is completely voluntary, you can leave any time you need to.
Q: Will I be supernaturally tied to anything by joining?
A: Not that I’m currently aware of? From what I can tell, this is kind of like a think tank, not a supernatural cabal.
Q: Will this involve any ritual-doing?
A: I honestly have no idea. But at present, it seems geared more towards these departments really being about info gathering, and the field agents will be doing most of the actual battling, ritually or physically.
Q: Can I be in more than one department?
A: From my understanding, not at the same time, no. That wouldn’t be very efficient, if we were all spread so thin. Might as well not even have departments, if that’s the case. The point is to allow each group to really focus in on what their specific job is, so they can do it in the greatest possible depth.
Q: What if the position I first apply and am accepted for turns out to be a bad fit?
A: You can always apply for a transfer between open cases! To keep a working case from getting too chaotic, I don’t think transfers are allowed during a case, but after a case closes, you are perfectly allowed to ask for a change in department. ^_^
Q: Are there any restrictions about when I can apply?
A: You can apply whenever you want! Applications will always be open, there is no end date. However, Warren will only accept new applicants between open cases, when he’s not otherwise busy.
Q: I’m new, can I still apply?
A: I can’t think of any reason why not! If you think you can help, feel free to apply!
Q: What does this have to do with Caught and Natalie?
A: Nothing, really. We met Warren after getting saddled with a supernatural baddy that was tied to another supernatural baddy that was tied to Caught and Natalie, but Warren does not work with them directly, and the cases the new Weaver Co. will be taking will be completely unrelated to what’s going on with Caught and Natalie. HOWEVER, for anyone who has come here in a  desire to help Caught and Natalie, wouldn’t you like to help other people, too? Help as many people as possible? Weaver Co. could be your opportunity to do that!

How To Apply:

  1. Pick the department you are interested in applying for (Intel, Research/Pathology, Field Support).
  2. Make a video of yourself saying which department you’d like to apply for, and why you think you’d be good for it (this isn’t just for Warren, this is so you have it very clear in your own head why you’re going into this line of work).
  3. Your face does not have to be visible. In fact covering it, while completely optional, is encouraged by at least Unknown (Warren’s field agent). She also recommends going with whatever feels most “you”. Be that face covered or uncovered; simple scarf, party mask, gas mask, whatever.
  4. Post this video to youtube.
  5. Link the video to the Weaver’s Eye channel in a private message. If you don’t know how to do that, go to the channel, hit the “About” tab, click the button that says “send message”, then go down to the bit that says “Attach Video” and select your application video.
  6. You can also optionally send in a still image of yourself for the records. If you don’t, they’ll find something suitable themselves (probably a still from your application video). Just make sure your face-covered-ness matches how you look in the video (both with face covered, both with face uncovered, etc.).

Important Links:

The Log Where Warren Explains All This
The Weaver’s Eye Youtube Channel (again)
Warren-Specific Timeline (If you aren’t already caught up on the non-video events of CNS, you may want to read this timeline instead, as it provides a lot more context for the events)
Instructions on How to Access the Tinychat Room

So, if you want, you can apply to it. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
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Rebuilding Weaver Corp.
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