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Trial of Leaves: Justin
TribeTwelve: Bridge to Nowhere
Dark Harvest: Log Entry #33
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PostSubject: (My)BloodyMirror   (My)BloodyMirror EmptySat Jun 07, 2014 3:22 pm


If any of you have seen ThroughTheEyelessMask, this is the same guy.

I can't really classify this as a slenderman or fear vlog, because it is simply neither.  It is a lot like therearenolights in that respect.  It is still very reminiscent of a fear vlog however.  

Basic plot; channel for band, protagonist Sage uses it as a behind the scenes thing, and to post some out of the ordinary stuff.  No one can find his friend. He keeps seeing the same symbol, and apparently there is more than what he is showing us.  

The atmosphere of this series is set very well, something that really drew me into it.  It is also relatively new, so expect more to come.
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