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 Slender Man Mansion most epic first attempt/Second

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Slender Man Mansion most epic first attempt/Second Empty
PostSubject: Slender Man Mansion most epic first attempt/Second   Slender Man Mansion most epic first attempt/Second EmptySat Sep 06, 2014 5:42 am

Hey guys so my name is Dial Up I do recordings of horror games on Youtube, Slender has become a new faviourte horror series for Me to try out. So far I've done The 8 pages in day time, Christmas edition, Mansion, and Elementary. I really hope to complete every single one in Slender's Shadow. One that I'm not looking forward to is Slender Prison it looks the scariest Razz If you guys are interested, I almost guarantee that You will enjoy this video, of Me playing Slender Mansion.

My channel name is called PlatformGamingTV You probably won't find it if You type it on Youtube, I think it's because of Google+, but just type /user/PlatformGamingTV when You are typing the url.
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Slender Man Mansion most epic first attempt/Second
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