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 2395 - The drive west.

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2395 - The drive west. Empty
PostSubject: 2395 - The drive west.   2395 - The drive west. EmptySun May 20, 2018 3:53 am

What's up HYBRIDs, I was having a lot of thoughts and feelings in regards to the newest update "The Drive West".
None of my friends-group are caught up with this series, so my conversations have become limited.
When I recalled the only forum I ever cared about, I noticed how behind the EMH Sub-Forum was, so I decided to video dump.
This may be less helpful to the small number of people still here, and more for the self need of documentation and tradition.
Included are four emh videos, and a received fan video of some tapes from Vinnie from a different iteration.
I doubt anyone will see this or care at this point, that's fine.



A two hour video from a different Vinnie. Not much to say.


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2395 - The drive west.
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