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 The Slender Nation Epic Auditions Thread.

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The Slender Nation Epic Auditions Thread. Empty
PostSubject: The Slender Nation Epic Auditions Thread.   The Slender Nation Epic Auditions Thread. EmptyThu Mar 10, 2011 5:30 pm

Several of you have expressed an interest in signing up to take part in the creation of the SN Epic.
We are looking for six writers, and six alone.
If you do want to be "one of the team" read this, and then send a PM, containing your submission to both me and The Doctor.


Your submission should not contain racism, sexism, or any other language that is offensive.
It should not go over 2000 words.
It can be anything you like, so long as it is not offensive.
It can take the form of poetry, fiction, or even non-fiction

This thread will be locked, you will not need to post here.
If you are chosen it will be on your merit as a writer, as well as your capability as a potential team member (maturity, sensibility etc).

If you are not chosen, that's that- nothing personal.

Good luck!
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The Slender Nation Epic Auditions Thread.
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