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 The Watcher/Da Watcha

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PostSubject: The Watcher/Da Watcha   The Watcher/Da Watcha EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 2:08 am


Oh, John Davis. You provided so much lulz from the blog. This was the pinnacle that parody blogs wish they could've been. Of which BRB BASEBALL BAT was spawned from, as well as the Slender Rave. It first starts out with him posting about being followed by this entity he calls The Watcher. Once a commenter posts looking into information about Slender Man, things go to hell for him. It's an interesting read, and the ending is genuine, amazing, as well as hilarious.

Interesting note: He removed the last post about being at the Slender Rave recently sometime after the beginning of the month to today, and it's now called "ending". I wonder if the Slender Rave is ending and he's coming back..?
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PostSubject: Re: The Watcher/Da Watcha   The Watcher/Da Watcha EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 6:02 pm

This is, in my opinion, a blog worth reading because he's done exactly what so many other people have done: wifin'. However, the difference is, he managed to do it well. He manages to blend a bunch of intentionally (probably) narmy humor with some legitimately creepy moments.

The other beauty of the blog is the way it makes the transition. Apparently CUT! was a comedic blog that, as it went on, it became clearer that it was just a coping mechanism. Da Watcha did something similar. It took on a comedic slant through over-the-top wifin', but the fact that it took on that slant gradually lets you interpret the story in two ways: we're being masterfully wifed, or the narrator has gone absolutely insane and can't tell his delusions of a "Slender Rave" from reality, which, in turn, makes the comedy kind of creepy.

I like this blog. I have no clue why I like it. But I do.
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The Watcher/Da Watcha
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