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 Be Wary of These

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PostSubject: Be Wary of These    Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:33 pm

Okay, so I finally decided to make a thread about my blog. Be Wary of These is a blog that I formed to help Runners, and help connect the various Slendy blogs. I originally wrote it to clear out space from my head (and my bookmark folders.) People started showing up to read/follow it, so I began to write about things and people that were relevant to them.

"I" am technically the main character of this blog, so I'm already breaking at least one of the pieces of advice about good blogs. However, fic!me and myself as the author do exist separately. I intend to write my character into having contact with the rest of the Slendy verse by the more "she" writes about what's going on, the more she becomes involved in it without her realizing. I'm slowly trying to get in touch with other writers IG and OOG, depending on the situation and need for such.

I write about events and people in both the Slenderman and Fear mythos. If anyone has been interested in learning about the second of them, my blog also serves as a way to get your feet wet. Depending on the response my blog gets, I might wind up conducting "interviews", making video, drawings, editing pictures, etc. etc.

All of this said, my blog is a little over a week old. It's still a baby in terms of how long it's been around, and how much I know. If anyone wants to read it and give constructive criticism, has ideas for what I should do, or wants to help/be a part of it, go for it. To anyone that helps, or just goes and reads it, thank you. I appreciate anything the Slender Nation can do to help me write better. Smile
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Be Wary of These
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