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 Slendermonth Episodes

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PostSubject: Slendermonth Episodes   Fri Jun 05, 2015 2:33 pm

Hi there,

So I have a podcast called "Al Dente Rigamortis" and we discuss creepypastas each week. Sometimes we praise, and well sometimes we rip into the stories. We've been going strong for just about a year and I wanted to do something big for it. Since the Slenderman was first created the month we started the podcast (According to what research I did, thank you KnowYourMeme.com and Wikipedia) I decided that we should do a string of slenderman related pastas. 

I am a pretty big fan of Slenderman while my co-host is both new and somewhat indifferent on the matter, so the discussion can be pretty interesting I feel.

We'll be covering some good, some bad, a Fear Mythos story or 2 and Marble Hornets at the end.

If you feel inclined to check it out, that'd be awesome, the episodes get posted regularly every Thursday on Kiwi6 and Itunes and I try to release them as fast as my life schedule will allow on Youtube, Tumblr and the fledgling facebook page we started for it. (Just look up "Al Dente Rigamortis")

Update: We have finished Slendermonth 2015, these are the episodes if anyone is interested.

Episode 1: "Eyeless Jack" and "The Road"

Episode 2: "The Slenderman Cometh"

Episode 3: "The Man Who Was Set Free" and "Hide and Seek"

Episode 4: "Marble Hornets"

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PostSubject: Re: Slendermonth Episodes   Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:14 pm

It's that time of year! Slendermonth 2016 on Al Dente Rigamortis (Apologies for resurrecting this thread but I didn't feel right making a new one for what is essentially an update.)
This Years roster are:

Episode 1: " Silence in the Rain"

Episode 2: "Follow the Leader" and "Gotterdammerung"

Episode 3: "Always Watching"

Episode 4: "Trial of Leaves"

We hope people who check it out enjoy and welcome comments, criticism and suggestion for later shows.
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Slendermonth Episodes
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