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 Isolation - Roleplay

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PostSubject: Isolation - Roleplay   Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:24 am

Welcome to Isolation

What you are reading is a top secret document that will be incinerated upon reading. Threats to society have been moved and contained in this facility known as S.B.1 in Area 51 to protect society. Many of these beings possess special powers, some have even committed heinous crimes. What I must stress is that they are anything but human. Many look human, but I can assure you they are not. This is a top secret government organisation which trusts that you will not disclose any information regarding this establishment or the inmates to the public.

Failure to do so will result in severe consequences
Admiral Jones.

That was just to provide a bit of a backdrop on the kind of setting in the roleplay. You will get to have the fun part of acting out some of the inmates in this top secret facility. 

Will you cause havoc within the facility? Will you fall in love? Will you work together to try and override the system to escape back into civilisation? The choice is yours...

-Be kind to all roleplayers
-Respect eachother's writing and try to follow on from the previous person to make the plot gel.
-You must portray two characters, one male and one female
-Romance is allowed, if you're into that kind of thing. 
-Keep in mind that these creatures ARE a harm to society, so let's not have any Mary Sues. Try to give your characters some substance and flaws.
-Be descriptive. There will be no restrictions on 'lines' as such, as it may vary depending on the scene.

Creatures: Anything that you want! Can be as scary as you like. (:
If you're having trouble with what creature to choose, just put 'paranormal creatures' into Google and you'll a bunch will come up. I can't put the website I used in here because my account isn't seven days old yet. 

Nor can I post pictures which is a serious pain, so hopefully you'll get the gist by my description. I'll update the pictures ASAP.

Character 1:
Special Powers:

Character 2:
Special Powers:


My form:

Character 1: 
Name:   Ebony
Gender:  Female
Age:  18
Creature: Amazon 
The Amazons are an all-female race of near-human creatures. They are a tribe of warrior women who had no need for males, except for reproduction. They made a deal with Harmonia to save them from extinction, and she made them more than human, turning them into monsters. Tradition is very important to them, after mating, the child is created, must kill their father as a sign of initiation, they do this by first cutting off his limbs, and carving a symbol into there chest, before killing them.
Special Powers:  ★ Superhuman Strength
★ Superhuman speed
Brunette/Blue Eyes/Slim

Character 2:
Name:  Ash
Gender:  Male
Age: 19
Creature:  Ghoul
Ghouls are scavenger creatures that live in graveyards and traditionally feed on the flesh and blood of the dead. At times ghouls will change their diet and will feed on living humans instead of the dead. Ghouls will also take the form of people they eat (dead or alive).

Special Powers:  ★ Shape Shifting ★ Enhanced Speed
★ Enhanced Strength
Black shaggy hair/athletic build/blue eyes


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Isolation - Roleplay
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