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 slenderman information needed here

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PostSubject: slenderman information needed here   Mon Jul 16, 2012 9:42 am

okay so as you can see my name is timothy you can call me Fang i need all the information regarding slenderman if you have eney.
-fly on,
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PostSubject: Re: slenderman information needed here   Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:54 am

Glad to have you on the site, Fang, and for Slenderman info you've come to the right place. Honestley, though, there are DOZENS of places around the internet where info regarding out tall and creepy friend can be found. There's a wikia, PLENTY of fan stuff (blogs, vlogs, etc.), and plenty of Slenderfans around to guide you in the right place. as you are new here, and probably don't know that much, I'll give you the rundown:

Slenderman is a mythical, paranormal entity who was 'created' by a something awful forums user Victor Surge. It manifests as a tall man in a black suit, his appearance distorted by his super long limbs (distortedly so, look him up on google or something) and lack of a face. He plays a game of seriously weird s- by appearing to a child (his preferred victims), who usually 'befriend' "Mr. Slim" (this is only an example of a name, and has been used, don't use it for a blog or vlog!), and foster some sort of twisted and strange relationship with the creature. one day, the child will never appear at home from, say a walk in the woods (Slenderman often appears in wooded areas), and will never be seen again, a victim of the Slenderman. what he does with his victims, we don't know, but there is much speculation. Victor Surge's Slenderman and the Slenderman of blogs and vlogs are different to minimal extents: VS Slendy wears a hat sometimes, strings remains of people up in trees with plastic garbage bags or grocery bags, is closely linked with fire. blog and vlog Slenderman doesn't wear a hat, is linked with water a lot (go figure), his victims are never found inside garbage bags, and he causes visual/audio distortion on electronic equipment. also, he can spawn multiple tentacles from within himself, to do whatever (walk, rip people in half, the usual). Go watch Marble Hornets, Tribetwelve (no space intentional), and everymanHYBRID (spelled just like that) for a good take on slender man and his powers. while there are canon things that Slendy does, he is 'open for interpretaion', shall we say, as people change him up for their own purposes. each of the three video series listed has a quite different take on Slenderman, and each makes some stuff up. Happy Watching!
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PostSubject: Re: slenderman information needed here   Mon Jul 16, 2012 12:20 pm

I will offer my input on this, either to aid the obfuscation or to make it worse.

The slender man is a man who appears in creepy photos, stories, and videos. In some, he has a face. In most, he doesn't. In the original stories, he had a different face depending on who was looking, but when captured on camera, he appears faceless. He's basically a tall man in a business suit, his exact height changing depending on the story (sometimes a little taller than a regular human, sometimes towering over a human), and in some interpretations he has branches, other interpretations he has tentacles, it all depends on what you read.

What the slender man does also depends on the story. He usually just stands there in the background and makes people disappear or crazy. In some stories, the people he takes away are later found with their entrails wrapped in plastic bags. Basically, gore. He's usually seen in forests and some urban areas.

Again, it all depends on what interpretation you're reading. He's essentially an open-source horror monster.
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PostSubject: Re: slenderman information needed here   Mon Jul 16, 2012 6:24 pm


This is Omega's out-of-character blog. You can either find everything you need there or find a way to find everything you need.

If you are new to the Slenderverse as a whole, then welcome to the fandom. You may leave your sanity in the trash can by the ostrich in the corner over there. You won't need it here.
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PostSubject: Re: slenderman information needed here   

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slenderman information needed here
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