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Hello there, and welcome to Slender Nation. Before you begin posting, we require that you read our rules so that you understand what standards are required of you during your stay here. Thank you, and have a good day.

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 Audio Drama Idea?

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Audio Drama Idea? Empty
PostSubject: Audio Drama Idea?   Audio Drama Idea? EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 2:49 pm

I'd have sworn there was a topic for posting ideas you don't want to use yourself, but I can't find it now, so screw it, here we go, on our own again~

Anyways, there's this site called RantMedia that I used to frequent a lot. It basically caters to a lot of hacker culture and anti-corpolitical stuff, heavy into internet culture (minus the 4chan lols). Most of the main content is by this guy named Sean Kennedy, interesting fellow, have a LOT of audio and video content. Well informed and fairly humorous stuff. His "Patrolling" series in particular is probably even a nice watch for all of the urban survivalist stuff that comes up(which I've been keeping in mind for my own blogging needs).

But the reason I'm pointing this guy out at all isn't because of all that mess... I'm just kind of making you aware of what you're getting in to if you go looking for his stuff. XD But rather because he's also a horror writer. Has two published books... but the more interesting piece he's released is a series called "Tales From the Afternow" which was basically a futuristic cyberpunk (post-apocalyptic?) story. The catch is in how it's portrayed. The idea behind it, is that the man broadcasting the podcast (I guess you'd call it that) isn't just streaming to anyone in his own time that can hear it, but that the signal is actually bouncing back in time... hence why we're able to listen to it.

There was a LOT of setup for the series before it was released. Sean's normal podcast had sort of been running an alternate reality game type of setup, in which the podcast was randomly stream-jacked for maybe about half a minute intervals, once every other podcast or so, with some cryptic message... which often had have the the audio manipulated before you could make out what was being said. One of the podcasts prior to the big event even had a special guest interview talking a bit about how radio waves and signals worked and how they bounce around in the atmosphere... so sometimes they'll come back down and you find up getting broadcasts from several years in the past or something(speculation was then made that you could also potentially get broadcasts from the future). Then finally, during one podcast, Sean had instructed listeners to light candles because he was going to show them how to do a magic trick or something later. The podcast continues as normal until suddenly the feed is cut into again. Only this time it's not some 30 second snippet of cryptic BS, it's a full length broadcast... Tales from the Afternow episode one. Then after it was over, they came back on, admitted to jerking everyone around with the stream-jacking business and informed them that new episodes of the series would be coming soon, during it's own broadcast time.

So, what I was thinking earlier today was that for anyone interested in doing some sort of Slender-blog from the future type deal, but didn't know how to really manage it... well, there you go. You could make an audio drama out of it. There's not many people really doing that yet, right? You could play it straight as a normal podcast even. Have a few normal episodes before stream-jacking starts to occur, then top it off with a full on broadcast interruption from the future. Series continues from there with the podcast host trying to figure out what's going on. The stream continues to occasionally get interrupted and as event in the future escalate, so do (perhaps) events in the present with the podcast host as he's roped into the ordeal.

Distribution of such a series might be tricky, but I know there are plenty of podcast hosting sites and you can always stream it over one of the video streaming sites(just throw up a still image and chatter away). I don't really have any ideas myself I could use with the setup, but I figured maybe someone else might like the idea and possibly be able to use it... soooo... there ya go. ^.^;
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Audio Drama Idea?
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