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 Help out Osiris Chronicles!

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Help out Osiris Chronicles! Empty
PostSubject: Help out Osiris Chronicles!   Help out Osiris Chronicles! EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 7:26 pm

Hey everyone, quick announcement. The series OsirisChronicles is in need of a bit of help.

Check out the Kickstarter page here for further details.

Here's an excerpt from the page:

Quote :
We basically want to give the entire series a facelift. As some of the videos on the YouTube channel and the trailer linked above, we have a lot of innovative ideas, but lack the funds to actually pull them off as well as we know we can. I want to bring back some effects, such as the tentacles being used as legs effect, but with so much more going on than what I did last time. I want to have Slender Man be able to throw a car at the camera. I want to expand the scenes with the Black Eyed Kids. With your help, I can further bring innovation into the Slender Man mythos.

All the money pledged will go toward "an HD Camcorder, prop upgrades, and improved editing software". So help a series out?
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Help out Osiris Chronicles!
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