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 Welcome death

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome death   Welcome death EmptyWed Nov 07, 2012 6:58 pm

Proof reading at 3AM? I feel your pain bro.

I really enjoyed this. I love the way you set it out, and the vagueness and the fact that Anderson is clearly bricking it from square one onward makes him a slightly unreliable, yet by extension more interesting narrator. I just really enjoyed this story. Props.
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PostSubject: Welcome death   Welcome death EmptyWed Oct 31, 2012 12:34 pm

He sits there watching me as I wright this. The sight is disturbing to me, and yet oddly comforting.
I feel like knowing what will happen to me puts me and more ease then guessing and hopelessly resisting as I am led to believe in the allusion of choice.
I suppose I should start from the beginning, in what time I have left. My name is Anderson Smith. I live near black forest Germany.
My sister owns an inn not far away from the forest and allows me to stay with her until I find work. Although I live in this land so far away
from my home, I am from Manchester, England. I had come here to study the landscape with my associate, Micheal. After that introduction, this is where my story begins


Anderson Smith's Journal

Day 1

Today, Micheal and I went to the edge of the forests to study some of the animal life. On the way a strange man stopped me along the way and seemed to be in quite a fit about us.
I asked him what the problem was and told him we did not understand, he paused before saying in barley recognizable English "you go to the forest?"
to which I replied "Yes. What is the matter? Is there some reason we should not?" to which he replied by shaking his head and mumbling "Kein Wald... "Kein Wald..."
which, after asking my sister, translated to "no forest... no forest...". Micheal replied "That man is probably a drunkard, rambling pointlessly".
I had my suspicions, but I thought that talking would only make us nervous for no reason. After breakfast Micheal found us some paper to draw our sketches.
And so we were off to the edge of the forest to sketch the animal life for the research that brought us here.


Anderson Smith's Journal

Day 2

What an odd day Micheal and I had. We spent about an hour sketching the animal life. We drew foxes, a hare, a raccoon, and... I'm not completely sure what it is
When I looked at Micheal's drawings, he had drawn the figure of a man, with outstretched limbs. I was going to avoid talking to him as he had not finished the face and I realized he must be practicing drawing himself.
He saw me and it gave him a shock so that he dropped his note into the water. I said I was sorry and he seemed to not even know what I was sorry for.
After that we went back and had our dinner, which consisted of bread and cheese, with a single glass of water which we separated into separate cups.
I was about to go to bed when the man from yesterday approached me and whispered "The thin man waits for you" and left before I could even react.
As I wright this I can hear Micheal burning paper. I do not know why, but I do not feel comfortable in this country anymore. I feel myself drifting away into sleep, so I end the entry here.
I wright this sentence as fast I can. I just woke up in the middle of the night with that strange figure from Micheal's drawing outside my window watching me. I sit here in my bed fearing what will happen next.


After that, I feel as though sleeping at all was a bad idea. All night I have dreamt of this "tall one". I have never heard of him before but it is always the same dream.
I sit in my bed before being grabbed out by what feels like myself, and I look up to see the words "tall one" scratched into the wall as if by a large animal, with a man standing over me. He looks like the one Micheal drew.
Micheal has suggested we go further into the forest to see what else is in it. I said I thought this was a bad idea to which he laughed and finished preparing his bags. I finally gave in and packed a bag with a piece of bread, and some paper.
I will wright more of this day when I return.

I am now at the inn again. When I left that strange man met me outside the door and gave me a strange object. It is shaped like a circle with an X through it, and the ends curve like the end of a birds tail feather. Engraved on the circle are the words:
"safety from the unknown"
He simply said "will help hide you from him" before running off before I could ask any questions.
When we went to the woods we sketched some birds, although it was hard for me as I constantly looked over my shoulder due to the paranoia I have developed.
Micheal has developed to writing on his drawings. He wrights in a odd way, such as one would draw with a pen they did not know worked. The text usually says
"EYES" or "WATCHES" or something along these lines. I asked if I could see his drawings and he glanced at me with a face such as a caged animal and whispered "Soon, my brother in service".
I did not understand, as neither had done any time in the military, but I assumed it was lack of sleep. As I wright this he sits in his chair burning his drawings.


Micheal has taken to dissapearing. My sister refuses to talk to me except when necessary. I cannot sleep due to when I close my eyes I see Micheal's face when he looked at me in the woods.
I do not know if I can take this paranoia anymore. I want to grab my things and run until I get to somewhere far away, but I feel like I will only make things worse if I do.
I sit here in the woods trying to understand what has happened. Micheal and I walked into the woods like yesterday to draw, then I looked over Micheal's shoulder at his drawings. He looked up at me like a mindless animal and I was taken aback with shock.
I fell on my back as Micheal slowly got up. But it wasen't Micheal. I saw... I don't know what it was. It was as if someone else had switched places with my friend and used his body. Micheal had eyes like a madman.
Over his shoulder I barley made out the figure of a tall man clad in black, and no visible face right as I passed out. I sit here now at night, petrified with fear to move.


I finally convinced myself to run. I didn't know where, but I knew I couldn't stay in the dirt hiding like an animal forever. After about an hour of running I found something.
It looked like natural clearing in the woods, a small round area where there were no trees, completely flat, no plants other then grass, and a river going through the left part of it.
Then I saw something odd. Micheal's drawings of the "thin man" going across the stream. Some were going to the east, some to the west, although they were on the same river which should be only going one direction.
when they reach the center I saw one I hadn't seen before. It showed Micheal, laying in a dark room, possibly dead.
When I looked up I saw him. This "thin man" was standing only 4 feet away from me. He stood 9 feet tall and wearing his black suit, and I now saw that he had no face.
I stood petrified in fear, my ears ringing and his back seeming to have long black tentacle like limbs moving slowly out to me as he gets taller. Finally I ran away as fast as I could.
I ran until it was the middle of the night and the man seemed to be telaporting and always right behind me, when I saw something.
A light. I could see the light of the town, which by now seemed the most welcoming place in the world. So I ran and finally got to the inn and got through the door before blocking it.
My sister sat behind the inn's bar shaking her head, and I ran to my room and blocks its door and put a dresser in front of my window. When I turned around, he was directly behind me and I passed out.

Now looking at him, he is so comforting. The feel of his warm presence, and knowing my time has come makes me fell much better. I stare at him now, and I thank him. His long limbs growing large, his lack of a face, and his suit which is melding with his skin is quite comforting, and somehow I do not feel pain when I look at the burns on my wrists and the cuts on my legs.
And I am happy to serve him in anyway I can. I feel myself being choked by him now, but I welcome death. Goodbye.

-Anderson Smith

Well hopefully I didn't do to poorly on my story. I've made a few stories but this is the only one I've ever actually shown anyone.

EDIT: I just realized I misspelled a few things and left out some periods. I fixed it now.

DOUBLE EDIT: Now with grammar! Thats what I get for proof reading at 3am.
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Welcome death
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