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 Poems By Muah

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PostSubject: Poems By Muah   Poems By Muah EmptyFri May 03, 2013 9:01 pm

Alright, so I made this thread so that whenever I write a poem and I feel other people can see it I can put it up here for you all to enjoy. tell me what you think, if you enjoyed it, what your critiques are, etc.
FYI the poems I write are typically kinda... dark. So I wouldn't suggest reading them if you're not into that kind of stuff. Other than that, enjoy.

- Prepare For The Storm -

I'm preparing for the storm,
For I know that it is coming.
The Howling winds and bitter chill,
Are not very inviting.
There are cretures waiting in there,
Beneath those darkened clouds,
And if you listen closely,
You can hear their deathly howls.
... The Thunder crackles in the sky,
As Heaven and Earth fierecly collide.
I say a silent prayer,
And hope to God up there,
That this storm will spare our lives,
For I do not want to die.

- Tightened Insanity -

Insanity wraps around me,
Like a noose around my neck.
It beckons and it calls me,
It threatens to attack.
It eats away at me,
Like a filthy parasite,
It never goes away,
... It just continues to bite.
I fight and I fight,
Tooth and Nail,
But all the time,
I seem to fail.
So don't be like me,
And listen to the voices,
Waiting inside your head.
Cause they'll drive you up the wall,
So do not heed their call.

- Children of The Lost -

The Children of the Lost,
Wait patiently in silence.
Lost within the violence,
Consuming their fragile minds.
They scream and shout,
As time runs out.
And when they are released,
... Everything will cease.
So get ready to run,
Get ready to hide,
And hope and pray that you'll survive.

-Monsters In Your Head -

The monsters hiding under your bed,
Wait smiling inside your head,
For they know that it won't be long,
Until they come alive.
They're anxiously waiting for the day,
When they can scare it all away.
They can taste your blood,
And they can smell your fear,
As they whisper silently inside your ear.
They tell you not to run,
... Lest you wish to never again see the sun.
They long to scare,
And yearn to tear,
The silence you long is oh so rare.
Those monsters waiting in your mind,
Have nothing but a lot of time.
Time to torture,
Time to kill,
And time to make you feel ill will.
Those dreaded monsters in your head,
Are gonna kill you soon.
So I'd advise sleeping now,
Before your brutal doom.

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Poems By Muah
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