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 Creepypastas you love

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PostSubject: Creepypastas you love   Creepypastas you love EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 6:41 am

Figured I'd start a thread where people can talk about their best/worst of creepypasta. It's a genre that spawned or at least propagated a lot of what the Slenderverse is today. So what I'd like is for every poster to put in one creepypasta they recommend for all. Please don't post Slenderman, we all love it, that's why we're here. Creepypasta as a genre is full of stuff that isn't very good at all. For example Jeff the Killer - poorly written, and not at all scary. And that's just the most popular one. So sometimes it's hard to find creepypastas that aren't just eyeroll-worthy. Hopefully we can all help one-another to get a few more sleepless nights, when you're getting a bit desensitized to Slendy.

My pick for a really good pasta has to be Ted the Caver. A slow-burn tale that takes a while to read, but is well-worth it. It's also a very old pasta, so I'd be surprised if at least some of you haven't read it already, but every creepypasta fan should at least give it a go.
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Creepypastas you love
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