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 Eyeless-Novella by well, me!

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Eyeless-Novella by well, me! Empty
PostSubject: Eyeless-Novella by well, me!   Eyeless-Novella by well, me! EmptyTue Oct 01, 2013 6:12 pm

Chapter 1- James
              "You know...I wouldn't believe the stories if I hadn't witnessed them myself. Call me crazy, and you'd be almost correct. I don't like going back to those days, but I know I have to...Now."

 School. Finally the long days were finished. Summer had to be the greatest idea since-
I sigh, and put away my MP3. I give my best friend, Kirito, a long glance before answering. "No, I've already told you, I'm not going."
"Oh cmon man it's summer break!"
He wasn't ever pleased with my attitude. I just wanted my own time to myself. Could not understand that I needed space?
"Kiri, just go on have fun, I'll catch up when I can."
"Fine.." He sighs turning, his ice blue hair waving as he passes. I never understood his appearance but he said its what he wanted. No one thought he was strange, just different, being the only one to die their hair any color. Besides that, he was the closest thing I had to family.
See, my family had died when I was only three. I had been told there was a fire by my distant brother, John. John however, was never there for me. He left, with a look of despair that I could never get over. A few days later, he killed himself. I heard he was surrounded by notes. Notes all over the room, and on the walls. They never figured out what they meant. Soon he and the others, as I soon saw, passed me climbing into the cab of one of their trucks. I wave them off with halfhearted smile.
"Finally, peace and quiet." I lean back against the tree, sigh, and close my eyes.
This? This is what summer should be like.  
 It enjoyed the things it did in the lives of the innocent. But nothing, absolutely NOTHING compared to how it enjoyed this boys suffering.
'I killed them boy, don't you see that?...'
It sneaks silently behind the tree, letting a cool fog roll in around the schoolyard. Then, the whispering began.
"I'm hear..."
"Run away.."
"I'll get you.."
It grins, maliciously. The fear, it was surging from him! It made the creature almost giddy as it slinked closer.
'Alright boy, run if you can..'
 Oh god. Whats behind me? Whats this feeling?
Many thoughts surge through my head as I slowly stand up. Who the heck is this person? I take a peek at who it might be and-
"Oh shit!"
I take off at a dead sprint. I hear it. Its getting closer. RUN MAN RAN!
Its grabbed me. I can feel its fingers. I'm doomed.
I slam into the concrete. Nothingness. Pure nothingness.
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Eyeless-Novella by well, me!
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