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 Let's All Pretend to be Frankenstein

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Let's All Pretend to be Frankenstein Empty
PostSubject: Let's All Pretend to be Frankenstein   Let's All Pretend to be Frankenstein EmptyThu Jan 01, 2015 12:48 am

As I said before in one post, what could be better or become equals with the Slender Man? (Popularity-based, not power)
I got a little science-y with this, and wrote down some attributes he seems to have.

  • He has a human-like build, but this goes with "Human, but not quite." and steeps into the Uncanny Valley.
  • A bit covetous with people, watching and taking them away
  • Follower. Stalking, watching.
  • Hiding. Sort of, but not really, but always within the forests.
  • Tech interference
  • Wrong proportions (Uncanny valley)

Could also create in people fears of the stranger, as of his suit. Fear of being gotten, tagged, and the fear of the unknown, metaphorically, as he has no face. Faces usually could show people's true intentions, so the unknown and unpredictability add to the creepy factor.
Continuing on.

As of a lot of stories, some monsters, terrifying people, and entities all have some sort of fixed goal. 
Example: The narrator wakes up hanging upside down in a cave, seeing others hanging upside down- and then it turns out the mother monster is going to feed her children them. The monster in this example is going to feed its children people, which means that it's carnivorous, and they have sharp fangs. But we couldn't rule out (since it was a very quick and non-descriptive example) that they might spit up an acid, corroding the body to drink like spiders.

What other attributes could monsters have? They could be furry, scaly, fly, no eyes, too many eyes, scream a lot. I want to do an experiment. Maybe have 1 or 2 of you collaborate with me a bit, and make a new creature. if a bunch of people sat on a forum and made The Rake, we could do something like that too, right? I have a huge list of attributes and other things that could be useful. If people actually respond or want to help a little, I can reply with it, and probably mash something together.

After monster production, we can think of motives, goals (or lack of them), a lot of what they look like, and some stories. How about it guys?
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Let's All Pretend to be Frankenstein
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