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 my charecter

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PostSubject: my charecter   my charecter EmptyThu Jan 19, 2017 8:06 pm

Name: Brandon  rose
date of birth September 27 1993
eye color hazel
age 19
mother Amelia Rose (the witch of the arc)
father HABIT 
enemies slender man proxies
powers:can change into proxy form with fangs and claws
weapons sharp cards knife
My name is Brandon. most of my friends are dead. I have HIM to thank. I was just living a normal life. I never really knew my father when I was younger.....I still don't think I truly know him. Then He came, he killed Samantha first. poor girl. She was sweet and innocent....I never told her I.....its not important.......and 3 more deaths....I made a deal with it.....he agreed my mom was taken to the arc where she learned to control it and I....became a bloodthirsty proxy....I killed and murdered  and slaughtered to my hearts content...I still remember those days until HABIT released me he told me EVERYTHING I plan to make HIS and HIS followers deaths slow painful we will take great pleasure in its destruction to all the proxies out there I'm coming
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my charecter
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