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 The notes of a Faceless Professor

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The notes of a Faceless Professor Empty
PostSubject: The notes of a Faceless Professor   The notes of a Faceless Professor EmptyMon Aug 06, 2012 3:11 pm

A group of blogs I have been following which seem to be intertwined, also it's fairly new!

The main blog seems to be the notes of a faceless professor (link: http://iamofnoimportanceanymore.blogspot.com/) it fellows the faceless professor (kind of a given) in which he blogs about theories he has about ol' faceless and how he functions. Aside from that a typical slender blog if not a little cliched, at least until Dr. Mengele gets involved, who, basically from what I have read is essentially Jay from Anomalous Data reincarnate. He also has a blog, but there is only a single post on it, and its just a test post (link: http://quipugnatcummonstra.blogspot.com/)

The other blog is that of the forgotten author (link: http://oblitussednonabiit.blogspot.com/) it is the blog of a proxy and, well that's all I've gotten out of it so far. (S?)He seems to be doing some kind of experiments with some sort of artifact for faceless. Made a brief appearance on professors blog as some sort of totheark character but all posts and comments have been deleted.

Well then I thought this group of blogs seemed interesting enough for it's own thread. I personally find them interesting, what are your opinions so far?
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The notes of a Faceless Professor
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