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 Amaranthine Saga! Warning long post.

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Amaranthine Saga! Warning long post. Empty
PostSubject: Amaranthine Saga! Warning long post.   Amaranthine Saga! Warning long post. EmptyTue Aug 07, 2012 4:02 pm

Hi, Its me fixing this crap post and updating it! Hoorah hooray I hear you all chanting. Calm down ya munchkins... geez. Anywho Amaranthine is a Minecraft Roleplay server ran by a guy called Shield and a group of admins and mods who will lynch me for not mentioning their names but who cares! Currently we are in an inbetween stories Tekkit/Free form role play stage but an even better time to join and catch up on out extensive lore that I am too lazy to write. Also we are not one of those massive rp servers who's admins ignore the common player, they care. Unless of course your a complete burk like me. Current Tekkit lore.. there is none its your job as the player to help write it. The existing is tough, There are corporations and some laboratories fighting it out for dominance and some just sitting their gnawing on their hand. Major factions: Brimstone Corporations Run by Me, The Compound Run by Shieldheart. Geldco run by Tarquiniverre, Clockwork Run by Tondier. Many more to come. Have fun!

Website: http://amaranthology.com/
IP: amaranthine.beastnode.org Remember we are tekkit!

Ps: This is not a plug and run as you say, Im gonna be sticking around trust me. And you can't join Geld.Co and The Compound sadly. I dunno why.

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Amaranthine Saga! Warning long post.
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