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 R3n3 Light is now Rosemary.

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R3n3 Light is now Rosemary. Empty
PostSubject: R3n3 Light is now Rosemary.   R3n3 Light is now Rosemary. EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 3:27 am

On Feb. 14th - 15th Rene's light showed up having gotten the coded message. The Light gained the ability to speak and communicate with those in the TC. She named herself Rosemary (Rene's real name).

Banana and Crusay have compiled this log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DWK0auFmxVlhT6pYBaZRwqCh_SV2AHi5owEd5rQUvc0/edit (Thank you ladies)

I have reason to believe that the places Rosemary was shifted to are places in the Help3r poem to open Caught's child coffin.

List of people mentioned in by Rosemary:

Arm forest boy, Long fingered lady, four people who were taken by the roots.

This is eerily similar to a dream Allyni had a few weeks ago. http://allyni.tumblr.com/post/42310148660/i-had-a-dream-about-n3n3-light

Feb. 17th: Rosemary comes back to give an update.



Feb. 25th: Rosemary appears stronger and with more power than ever before.



Feb. 26th: Anna has compiled a list of what I may have missed here.


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While you're here, consider clicking the link above. That'd be cool of you.

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R3n3 Light is now Rosemary.
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