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 The Dead of Light (Community Help)

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PostSubject: The Dead of Light (Community Help)   The Dead of Light (Community Help) EmptyMon Mar 23, 2015 2:17 pm


Boy has it been a while or what? A lot of you probably don't know me but others may remember, I used to be pretty avid in the SlenderNation with my shitty series, TheseEndlessShadows, and my News show NewTrailheadNews... but I'm back because I thought I could seek help here for a big endeavor of a project I'm heading into. 


So what is the "Dead of Light"?

The Dead of Light is a five part horror mini series that will cover the change of a 80's horror franchise over twenty years in the course of five videos. 
1st Movie: Serious Slasher
2nd Movie: Serious Slasher With a Bigger Budget
3rd Movie: Getting Ridiculous With Kills and Characters
4th Movie: Extremely Over The Top (But Starts To Become Self Aware of How Ridiculous It Is)
5th Movie: Essentially a Dark Comedy

The Dead of Light is also a series that follows a killer called The Darkness.... the Darkness can only kill in the light because this is when he is in his physical form...
Each movie will run about ten minutes long or so and will be screen back to back in local theaters around Oregon. After it's theater run it will be sold on DVD and some may even be posted to YouTube once enough time has passed.

This is a huge project that I am jumping into and I want to make this specific section to be a place where I can get help from the community on certain effects, techniques, or writing for things I become unsure of. 

Let me know what you think of the project, I'd be happy to hear your comments and suggestions before it all begins!

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The Dead of Light (Community Help)
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