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Hello there, and welcome to Slender Nation. Before you begin posting, we require that you read our rules so that you understand what standards are required of you during your stay here. Thank you, and have a good day.

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 Projects Left Dangling

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PostSubject: Projects Left Dangling   Projects Left Dangling EmptyWed Mar 13, 2013 1:10 pm

Guess it's been a while... admittedly I've been trying to distance myself from the mythos and move on to other things in an attempt to refocus my activities. Given how most of the things I was keeping up with have ended or otherwise dried up I figured that'd be an easy thing to do, but... here I am, so clearing it's not working. XD (Seriously, Omega, finish Mephi so I can get out of here. You give me too many ideas!) But since I keep dragging myself back here, there are a couple things I wanted to ask about and get off my chest so that maybe I could finally move on from all this. Sooo... here goes,

1) Beneath Stone Skies/The Gargoyle - Aftermath Discussion
So, the blog is finished and I did make a post babbling about the experience a bit but... I never really got to talk much about the creative process or the story or characters, etc etc... with anyone. I basically had one friend that isn’t involved with the mythos and hasn’t even read the blog that I ever really gushed and let loose talking about the series with. Seems like the only time anyone has ever really asked me anything specifically about the series was when one or two people asked “Why Ponies?” XD

And I guess I just keep wondering if anyone actually wants to hear creative process babbling like that. Because I’d obviously LOVE to babble on about it. Xp Hell there are a lot of other series creators that I’d love to see just doing like post-blog Q&A sessions. Why is that not a thing?

2) A New Blog?
I’ve been trying to escape the notion of doing another blog since my last one ended. But I keep having ideas... >_<;; Initially though, those ideas weren’t very good and weren’t fleshed out well, so by the time I was hitting “burn out” and ending my blog I figured I’d just file them under maybe but probably not. Since then, some time has passed and I’ve been thinking. Long dull lonely car rides home from work tend to get the gears in my head turning to entertain myself. XP And new ideas have been coming along that I want to do the more I think about them. And the longer I think about them the more fleshed out they become and the more I want to do them. But there’s a problem... the first being the voice in the back of my head yelling “Please, gawd, no, don’t pin yourself down to another year long blogging endeavor!” XD

The other being that the entire concept essentially revolves around a group of “hunters”. I’m basically going the Supernatural route here and saying “group of stalked who have banded together and are fighting back against the Fears”. The idea being that they’ve been around long enough to be experienced in the fight and know what they’re doing, so that they CAN save people. And basically present them to the blogosphere as a viable option for Runners to turn to for help. They’d still have their faults and they still wouldn’t be able to kill any of the major Fear creatures, but they’d be better at fending them off and keeping people safe from them. I’ve seen plenty of people running “Safe House” type blogs for a while now. This seemed like the next logical step. Why haven’t we heard of such groups until now? Because they’re smart enough not to have public blogs! XD An otherwise crucial factor that is only changing now because this particular group’s new Mysterious Benefactor is requiring them to do so.

But... we’re still taking about a “group” here. And though I’ve got plenty of character and story ideas, there isn’t enough for me to really flesh them out. Or more simply, I lack the skill and imagination to handle a blog series that requires me to actively write for five or more people. The only way I could realistically attempt this would be to bring in other bloggers to create and write for primary characters. And I’m basically afraid to try asking for people to help me with that. I’m sure there are some among you who’d like the overall idea and want to help, but that doesn’t make me any less uneasy and/or terrified by the prospect of trying to manage it all. ^_^;; In any event, that’s my key roadblock there. And so long as it stays there? Then there’s really not much else I can contribute here...

3) The "Secret" Project
Not many people are really aware of this because I made a point of pursuing the topic from behind the scenes. I didn’t want to publicly announce it and get people excited for it only to have it blow up in my face a few weeks later and make me have to come back and be all “Yeeeeeeah, about THAT.” <_<;; Which is funny because that’s basically exactly what happened. Things were going great and then... it all sort of snowballed. And I just want to come clean about it.

So for those not in the know, I was going around for a while contacting creators to get permission to include their characters in a Slenderverse-themed fighting game. Not like Street Fighter fighting game though, more of a brawler like... Final Final, Streets of Rage, TMNT II the Arcade Game... And I was getting em. Bloggers and Vloggers alike, either through email, notes, or obtained via proxy though an accomplice I won’t name. I even spoke with the Marble Hornets cast In Person to get them on board. (One of the most nervous conversations I’ve ever had.) And I’ve been trying for a long time now, after going to all that trouble for permissions, to keep this project alive somehow. But the fact of the matter is, it’s been struggling on life support almost since the week after I started it.

While I am a jack of all trades of sorts, able to program and create artwork, I’m by no means a master of either craft. I had been relying on the assistance of two other individuals to handle the programming and art respectively. My primary role had been management, designer, (writer?) and public relations. I could fill programming and art roles if need be, but I was only intended to act as backup assistant there. Unfortunately almost as soon as the project started, both of my accomplices got deeply involved in another project (which ironically I was responsible for in some ways) which made them largely unavailable and pushed the project back. While waiting for them to become available again, things started changing for one person and then the next, until by the time they were finished with the other project they were left in a position where they could no longer assist me as they had originally intended. (At least not without being paid, in one instance, and this was to be a free game so I couldn’t exactly afford what he’d need to be paid.) So without anyone to help me and with no one else to turn to, the project has been shelved indefinitely. >_<;;

I still want to do it and I still have all the permissions, but I’m at a loss here. I simply can’t do it on my own. And I’m weary of asking people I don’t know well for help. So, that’s the state of that. Sorry to the few people who did know about it for getting your hopes up. I had really hoped that the day I finally made this news public was the day I’d get to blow everyone away with awesome... instead I’m just announcing one more neat thing that’ll never come to be. Shit happens I guess.
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Projects Left Dangling
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