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 The Tape in Arkvale Park

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The Tape in Arkvale Park Empty
PostSubject: The Tape in Arkvale Park   The Tape in Arkvale Park EmptyMon Apr 15, 2013 3:28 pm

WARNING: This contains gore in written form so if you are super uncomfortable with gore then I recommend not reading!


An innocent girl only around 10 years old walked up to her father. She asked, “Daddy can we go to the woods?”

“Yes but be careful,” her father replied sternly, “I don’t want you getting lost or hurt.”

“Okay” replied the girl.

Three girls walked up to the nearby forest in Arkvale Park. The trees stood tall, blocking out all sunlight, and looked down upon the three girls menacingly. The unilluminated forest lay out in front of them and beckoned them to come inside for a treat. The girls trekked into the forest as sticks crunched underneath them like bones. The leaves crackled like a fire on a cold winter’s night as they continued on through the eerie forest. The mud squelched beneath their feet as the forest unravelled in front of them. There breath came out in a cloud of fog and vaporised into thin air. The dark wood began to become very dark and the camera light eventually had to be turned on.

“We should go back now guys.” One of the girls said.

“Come on Anna it’s only just getting interesting!” said the girl holding the camera.

A look of horror overcame the delicate fragile face of Anna as she looked up above the camera. The camera panned round to reveal a terrifying sight which isn’t good for the faint hearted. The third girl was strung up in a noose dangling from one of the blood trees. She choked and choked and was struggling to get out of the nooses grip as it seemed to get tighter and tighter. Eventually it grew so tight that all you could hear were the vertebrae in the girl’s neck popping out of place. Her face was as blue as the nearby lake. Then nothing… The sound of the other girls screams echoed through the shadowy thicket as the girl hung there
lifeless and unable to move.

The girls took a few paces away from the cold body which dangled from the branches. The paces turned into a jog then a run then a sprint to the end of the forest. Turned a corner. A tall unidentifiable figure stood tall. Screams followed by another sprint to get away. Crunch. Panned right. Anna’s body hung from the branches of another tree. This time the monster pulled her down until a snap reverberated around the place. The final girl remaining ran again. A branch hit the lens and the camera fell. All you could hear was the sound of the girl screaming in immense pain and several bones snapping.



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The Tape in Arkvale Park
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