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PostSubject: The Silent   The Silent EmptyFri Jul 05, 2013 11:38 pm

James-Chapter 1-The Silence Is There

"The silence..you say it...'killed' you correct?" The doctor asks fixing his slightly crooked glasses.

"No.." James growls "It did..kill me."

The doctor shakes his head.

"Not complying will not help you or I James...and it will not hurt me either.."

James spits in the doctors face.

"You don't understand....NONE OF YOU DO!"

James shouts whilst the doctor steps out quickly and locks it tight. Glancing at the Nurse he says calmly.

"Bring up the room's gas levels to 260 milagrams a day..is that clear?''

The nurse nods quickly and sets the machine to the proper dosage.

Kelly-Chapter 1- The Fields of Hell


Kelly screams taking off back to the farmhouse.

Travis turns to comply before he is engulfed in the huge puff of smoke.

Kelly reaching the edge of the field realizes he's gone as she turns.

"No...god no..."

Kelly collapses to her knees....and fades into sleep.

Waking suddenly she finds herself in a white room..no a white padded room.Standing Kelly pounds on the glass of the door at the far end. -thick..thats a lot of money down the drain for a window..-

"Hello!?...Can anyone hear me!?"

(I hope to see what you guys think,,,and if it gets good response..I may make the chapters longer)
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The Silent
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