Hello there, and welcome to Slender Nation. Before you begin posting, we require that you read our rules so that you understand what standards are required of you during your stay here. Thank you, and have a good day.

-The Slender Nation Staff
Hello there, and welcome to Slender Nation. Before you begin posting, we require that you read our rules so that you understand what standards are required of you during your stay here. Thank you, and have a good day.

-The Slender Nation Staff
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 Awesome Slenderman RP (FAILSAFE)

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Awesome Slenderman RP (FAILSAFE) Empty
PostSubject: Awesome Slenderman RP (FAILSAFE)   Awesome Slenderman RP (FAILSAFE) EmptyThu Aug 15, 2013 11:48 am


Hey, this is another slender roleplay. This is the story of a small town which is dealing with a very odd and disturbing case. Recently, an entire class of elementary school students has gone missing. All of them just simply disappeared one day. The police are still searching, but deep down, everyone already knows that they will never find them, and if they do, they won't be alive still. The police are currently looking for the kidnapper (since people refuse to think of even the possibility it could be paranormal). It's a fairly small town with only one elementary school, one middle school, and one high school, so everyone thinks that someone was bound to have seen something.
1. You must submit a character application and it must be approved before you start roleplaying.
2. Play nice and respect other players! It's one thing if your characters get into an argument/fight, but I don't want you guys to offend/harass each other!
3. No god-modding/power playing.
4. No mary/gary sues, no one is perfect so characters shouldn’t be either.
5. Only a select one or two people will be Slender. No exceptions.
6. Don’t spam the fourm.
7. Keep an eye on grammar and spelling - you don't have to write in perfect Oxford English like in school/college, but please make sure that others understand what you mean. Furthermore I don't want to see any IM stuff such as "lol", "brb" or "ttyl" in the actual RP - unless your character receives a text and it's also clearly marked as a text message.
8. This isn't a one-liner - so I don't want to see mini-posts consisting of only a short sentence or two all the time. You don't have to make huge, never-ending posts, but please write more than just one short line (try to write at least 3 sentences). After all, this is a roleplay so be descriptive, use adjectives, etc to make your character become vivid.
9. I will only accept a limited number of characters under 14, simply because it's more realistic. Also, I don't mind characters being somehow related (whether family-wise or just being friends), however, I don't want all characters being somehow related with one another and if you want your character being related to someone else's OC please ask them first. Oh, and please note that there can't be more than one character with the same name - unless they aren't addressed the same way, because it's just pretty confusing.
10. Please use typical POSTING FORMAT. Example:
(Finally got home...) - things you want to say out of your character and/or are unrelated to the RP have to be put in brackets, however, since there's also a Chat topic I want you to keep this to a minimum!
*Sharon* - please put the name(s) of the character(s) you want to use above your actual post, preferably with a *,, or other symbol before and after the name(s).
Sharon was sitting under a big tree in the backyard, making a colorful drawing. - what your character is doing has to be written in third person, past tense and normal font.
'I hope mom will like my drawing.' She thought while adding more details. - what your character is thinking has to be written in italic font, same applies to dreams, if you want to include something your character dreams in your post that is (though dreams don't have to be marked with a ' at the beginning and ending)
11. You are allowed to swear. We all do, so why ban it?
12. To prove that you read the rules, please put ‘blue kitten’ somewhere in your character application.
13. The most important rule- have fun!
Character application sheet-
Family connected to your character (if it applies):
Anything else you'd like to add:
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Awesome Slenderman RP (FAILSAFE)
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