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 "The Victorian Affair"- Rules and Regulations.

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"The Victorian Affair"- Rules and Regulations. Empty
PostSubject: "The Victorian Affair"- Rules and Regulations.   "The Victorian Affair"- Rules and Regulations. EmptySat Feb 12, 2011 5:29 am

Welcome to the Victorian Affair, we're glad you've decided to join us! The following is a list of rules, that you will be expected to follow.

1) The game will progress through ten chapters, with each chapter ending when every player has posted. The beginning of a new chapter will be posted in the game thread by either Shlub or myself, at the end of each chapter (when every player has posted) Shlub of myself will post an ending- similar to the night event seen in ANiO. In these chapter endings we will take decisions of game events, and player mortality, depending on the previous events dictated by you- players.

2) When taking part in the story, post in the game thread only, and only once per "chapter". You may only post once the beginning of a chapter has been signified. Obviously, you can die in this RP, and once you're dead- you're gone forever. Keep in mind however, that there are fates other than death- such as wounding (which will not kill you, but lower your odds of survival), and "slenderisation" (in which your will and conciousness is claimed by Slendy himself- this will count as a death and you wil no longer be able to post).

3) Have fun, play fair.

Any further questions can be PM'ed to me or Dr Shlub, or posted in the OOC thread.

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"The Victorian Affair"- Rules and Regulations.
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